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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I bet you are looking forward to your move all the best to you. have a good bank holiday. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s good you heard from the builder at last. Have a good bank holiday. No I don’t fancy Tesco’s.

    Barbara (()) you are a lovely pair people that get married these days don’t stay together that long they don’t talk things over has you should do they. Love to Mr B(()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I don’t blame you at all I know how you feel you were brave you tried that’s the main thing. my throat close’s when things are pushed down twice they tried each time I’ve been so I went to my Doctor and said I don’t want it again. We were out in the rain yesterday taking Lexi to the vet she has a cyst on her back the vet said see how it goes. Have a good bank holiday. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how are you feeling today any better has your mum (()) still got it as well. Have a good bank holiday all of you.

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    Hi everybody very tired went for a walk will post properly later

    Don’t worry Toni maybe you can explain to GP what happened and get another endoscopy arranged?

    also my mum just told me you need to ask for sedation in advance sorry about that didn’t realise that myself until mum gave me the info just now 🤗

    More to say but will have to wait till rest, Tc xx

    Ps pic is LA’s fave cake

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    hi again Toni 🌺

    don’t worry you haven’t let anyone else down and you shouldn’t see it is letting yourself down perhaps just something to work on basically yes I agree if the doctor had given you information about sedation in time and not been so selfish things could’ve been different of course it’s completely up to you but I think that if you somehow managed to get an endoscopy done at some point it will do you good as it will help the doc so much in making the right diagnosis that’s my experience but no worries if you really think it’s not for you then that’s completely your choice at least you tried maybe try one more time that would be my advice and then if it doesn’t work out just leave the idea alone perhaps 😀.

    Thanks so much for the birthday cake yes it would be a birthday cake for bosh but of course exact date has to remain a secret in these times 😀.

    I’m not Feeling too bad today thank you almost fully better same with my mum,

    Funny story for you for art guy was talking to one lady about how he started a m health coffee group type for artists, but he’s gone off the idea now because one person somehow managed to eat all the biscuits 🍪he had bought from Waitrose lol, he’s quite well tbh And yes no man should steal / covet another man’s biscuit or something like that, lol, was that really a reason to stop doing the group altogether? Also 'of course who knows what kind of financial situation the poor biscuit stealer was in maybe he’s on the streets and just eating anything he could find does happen all the time doesn’t it really? especially when people are not so well .

    okay so I think I will have to leave it there Toni as I need to have a tiny chat with t and then shower before a bit of a Vesuvius situation and of course tidy up for EF, Tc xx

    Ps just wanted to say I thought of another good acronym ER , Excess Roughage, lol, Think that could be a big factor for you and I with our stomachs 👍. Xx

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    Hi Joan how are you doing today? I’m feeling a lot better now thanks so is mum 👍

    rest of Family is okay thanks for asking Hope you are having a nice Friday take care. Xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you today ?I was going to say sorry I didn’t reply to this and that but I’m listening to what you said keeping sorries to a minimum ha ha, just wanted to say sorry to hear that you are slightly underweight😞, sister is also one of these ladies who is prone to being a bit underweight to be honest she has had an underweight tendency as it were all her life but seems to be better now after having kids, it’s a shame we can’t all swap diets, isn’t it really though? ha ha, chocolate chips my goodness I can only fantasise about those generally speaking lol, definitely one of those addictive things isn’t it chocolate ? I try be very strict with myself portion wise although The arthritis related tiredness does mean I’m eating a bit more of it than I should do really but then again nothing is perfect is it ?

    i just wanted to say i was watching Star Trek episode called arena with the Gorn lizard men or something like that, just thought the Gorn’s dress sense and facial features just like a certain GP of mine ha ha, okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but I have my reasons my goodness it’s getting hot in here again I don’t know why so I will end this message quickly anyway hope you’re feeling more or less well today? take care. Xx

    Ps still lemonade pic for you, nice and refreshing. Xx

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    Hello all - I see bosh is online and mid-type, so I shall make sure I'm not crossposting all over the place like usual 😀

    But as a start off, frog, I am SO sorry you had a horrid time 😕 you did totally the right thing in my opinion, & you have not failed at all - you do NOT want a procedure of that sort or any sort really, from someone who is looking at their watch and has 'other priorities' 😠 . That was totally unprofessional to put it mildly and really warrants a complaint (though I can see you probably would not want to), anyway I would certainly not have gone through with it and I am not saying that for your benefit, I 100% would not have. I hope you have had a nice quiet time out with the molehills, you will get more sense out of anything out there moles included (getting his golf ball stuck in a bunker is the least of what I'm wishing on Dr Horrible 🤐 ! I am so cross for you).Touch wood, the consultant you will see now is a different type altogether - have you come across them at all? Good luck for that appointment whenever it might be and the main thing is you have not had an experience with any worse consequences, than this horrible episode. Charley and Kari would far rather come with you & back than have you go through something nasty as well, of course (so would we!) 😘 . I have been pottering this morning too and making the most of a quiet day. The builder, well he's doing a small job to start & then we'll see - I want to believe he's up to the work because I can't face looking for anyone else unless I have to, but that belief is probably a matter of hope over something or other, whatever the saying is. He lives round the corner anyway so he can't exactly mess up and run away! Well here's hugs & tea & whatnot for you, you will have to have an odd brown & caster sugar mix in it, I don't suppose you'll mind too much :) xx

    Hello joan, thank you for the reminder about the Bank Hol, I must not forget - I do know it is one but I will manage to still not allow for it in some way or other, I am bound to. I am glad now I just squeaked with a grocery shop instead of choosing Sunday because with the builder done with for the week too I can have the weekend free. No Tesco for you then, well we all have our preferences there is pros and cons with them. I got it wrong yesterday, it is a year's delivery plan you can't have, and the 6 months that you can. I may look around after that. By the way I'm assuming this is Joan today after all in which case hello to Sue too and have a good weekend yourselves. Is there anything going on round your way on the Monday? xx

    Ah, there's bosh👋 😊 thank you for saying about my underweightness yes people ought to be able to trade off diets it'd be such a neat solution & solve 2 lots of people's troubles all at once. I just should make more effort, I have stocked up on a few calorific (but not junk food type) things & will try to do the eat little & often thing. What would be good to know is exactly what calories you burn in a day, if I knew I had to take in 1000s to equal that, I'd know if it was impossible & that would be some consolation haha. RA just makes things speed up I think, because I won't be burning off that much with activity - combined with a metabolism that was probably like your sister's to start with. Sorry you can hear the festival noise, certainly a good job it is for no longer! Then someone else has to clear up afterwards 🙄 ugh, people 🤬. Well we can now all think of a good use for your hard wooden-headed umbrella, knocking nasty Drs over the head with 🙄 like the old joke an apple a day keeps the Dr away, if you throw it hard enough 🍎👨‍⚕️ worth a try on lizard-face anyway 😂😂. I know that episode, & The Gorns lol 🦎 when I have a minute I'll sit & write down how many episodes I can remember and I bet I do really badly! I'd remember them when I see them but trying to remember them myself, well we'll see. Hope you have a good weekend 😊 and thank you for the lemonade 😀 by the way I LOVE the tea/coffee and books pictures so much - I even have some of those very books which is stupidly exciting haha 😊 (writing that, I have a horrible feeling that's one of those self-validating thingys, oh dear 😮 - well if that's my worst sin, and I don't suppose it is, then it's not too bad I suppose!) See you soon :) xx

    Love to Kitty and Barbara and have a good Bank Hol, everybody 😘 xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    thanks for your nice message I am off to bed very soon so I’ll just say good night for now and I won’t mention GP‘s heads and apples or anything of that nature ha ha have a good night toady and take care. Xx

    ps nothing wrong with the books - comment I don’t think it’s self validating I only think it is when people think they’re better than everybody else because of what they’ve read lol 😀👍. Tc. X

    Pic is alternative NHS message lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    Going to be warm today again I think and dry. It's the parish BBQ and fête today people show their cars so I'll take the Fig down and Paul will take one of his. Kari is going along with her son and his wife too.

    Morning Joan I might be like you then not able to tolerate the procedure. I think the problem is I felt anxious if I try again I'll be even more anxious maybe😕 Poor Lexi still at least it's only a cyst they'll keep an eye on her now I'm sure ((())) xxx

    Morning Kitty me duck - your last weekend incarcerated! This time next weekend you'll be in your own home that will be wonderful I expect lots of photos ☺️Madame La Sleekipuss shows me the ones she takes but her mobile is so teeny tiny😉

    Morning Reshmi I hope it's not down on my records that I am a nuisance the nurse was lovely and said it would say that I 'couldn't tolerate it' I could have had the sedation there and then they put the cannula in ready and he had it in the syringe ready. I think the Dr just didn't have the patience for an annoying patient last thing when really he wanted his golf lesson😓 Oh well. I am going to put it behind me for now I feel such a fool😳

    Anyway how are YOU? How is Mum? are you looking forward to EF and 'the event'? I just know a certain little boy (of the dinosaur cake - loved it!) will be so excited for you. That sort of 'event' is huge to them isn't it at that age?

    Oh my goodness imagine stopping an artists mental health group just because someone ate the biccies!!!! That's what they're for! You just buy more or get a rota together for people to buy them. You are so right someone might have actually been hungry who knows? Artist guy is rather interesting and funny in his own right.

    I will not have an apple a day, nope never! I want the Dr if those daleks come near me! I am terrified of them. And the cyber men too😧 You just reminded me about the Gorn Lizard men!

    Can't eat apples they set off my belly I think yes some ER!!

    Blimey it's getting hot again😣help!

    Morning Toady thank you so much for being so kind about that stupid camera😳I still feel a bit of a fool, but thinking back he didn't even tell me about the risks just got me to sign the consent form. I am going to write it all down and forget it until I feel a bit better, but yes I am very unlikely to actually complain. All in all a horrible experience and soonest forgotten. Did you see Joan can't manage them either?

    Anyway I am ok compared to many. My friend for instance with cancer, her wife has asked if she can use Lucy's old wheelchair (from when she had leukaemia) as she just can't walk much at all. I gave it a special Frog clean yesterday in the sun ready for her, but have to admit to snivelling again🙄 Oh and the molehills I have pics will add them for you.

    behind the barrow is the wild area with the secret pond.🤫

    you can just see the top of my verbena! They moles are all in the greenbelt area luckily for now.

    I very much hope your builder is 'up to' the job too with him being nearby he may just turn out to be really useful and a gem. One of my nearby neighbours has a 'man' like that. Fingers crossed when will he start?

    Thank you so much for the cuppa I don't mind caster sugar or anything to be fair. Shame Bosh can't get her hands on some (vegan) waitrose biccies for us😁

    A quick wave to Barbara👋

    Time I got some clothes on!

    Toni xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I’m so pleased for you next weekend you will be moving into your new bungalow hooray. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) so your builder his working today good. Have a good day no we have nothing near us this weekend.

    Barbara (()) have a good weekend all of you. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and your girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Don’t worry about yesterday you did well some people don’t even turn up for their appointments you did. How is Lucy (()) and Winnie getting on. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi ((())) that’s good you are both feeling better love to your mum ((()) happy birthday have a good day.

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    hi Toni 🌺 toady 🐸and Joan and Barbara 👋

    I am not too bad considering it’s one of those difficult days when EF come to visit and my mum has been stressing about food this that since early morning, i went for an early morning walk today and even tried walking faster than normal for some of the time , but still haven’t been allowed to rest properly yet, have tried two or three times to compose this message and haven’t even had a shower yet due to the restrictions, so forgive me if this message is incomplete and grumpy, lovely sentiments behind EF visit of course but I walked before 8.30 am today and have had to deal with constant shouting panicking etc, no rest for the groovy festival “visaged “ one it seems toady 🐸…oh dear…

    hi again Toni scared of Daleks and cyber men too? Bless you, you wouldn’t have liked one of my old supervisors ( low level accounts job), she was the ultimate authority on Dr Who, T and toady 🐸, she seemed to have memorised the whole history, who played which Doc when, episode names over the decades or something like that, like a sort of a living Wikipedia, lol. I’d just mentioned once that I liked watching it but her response was so verbose 🗣that I didn’t mention the subject again lol.

    nice pics T verbena etc👍 Sorry temp forgot about your apple allergy, how about “a banana 🍌 a day keeps the doc away”?

    Glad you like the pics toady

    how are you feeling today Toni? It was nicely cold early morn, but a strange thing happened, it was actually pretty cold for time of year and I was wearing 2 winter hats, I know I’m about as fashionable as a Gorn lizard man, but practical lol, anyway, well my head was feeling all cosy and comfortable then sun came out for whole of maybe 5 secs and it was almost unbearably hot, so I started removing unnecessary layers, when guess what? Back to Arctic temps haha, ok not quite Arctic, but you get the idea 😀.

    Hi Joan , yes mum and I are feeling better now thanks. How are you and Sue? Hope you have a good afternoon.xx

    btw T and t , I know no info on EF DV etc given will have to wait for next instalment, lol, Tc all of you bye for now. Xx

    Ps special pics for T and t mainly xx

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    Evening all.. I am supposed to be making a phone call and working on some ebay listings.. and doing some paintstripping outside round the back.. and a bit of late gardening. I appear to be doing none of these things and lurking in here instead with a nice cup of tea 🤫. Actually I have just had a 'cronut' which is a first, Tesco subbed them, and I can't see why anyone bothered to invent them tbh nor would I say there was much croissant like about them (and I wouldn't pay what they were full priced at, either 💵 !) Just as well I catered for myself not much chance of a Waitrose biccie, as you say (that is odd!) Anyway glad to see you all and asstd photos and pics 👍️ nice to see where you were mole-hilling frog, is there anything in the secret pond at the moment or is that hush hush too 😄. Hope you have had a good day and the fete was a nice change 😀 it was just the right weather for that sort of thing, I did do a bit outdoors earlier hopefully it will stay fine over the weekend. I have a few pics somewhere if they are ok and one of Mrs B's next phase of feather-growing to show you. Builder chappie will be here one of the days next week (he says), it will only take him an hour to do this test run job then I have to get him to quote for other potential stuff 😬. At least the Bank Hol means another couple of quiet days in hand no post no deliveries so that will be nice. Hope your weekend is nice and that everyone is ok - so sorry about your friend's ongoing troubles 😔 sigh. xx

    It's all go at bosh's isn't it, eek, your post conjured it all up vividly, did everything (or anything!) calm down in the end, I hope at least a little bit of chill crept into proceedings & not just the chilly early walk. Yes hats on, hats off 🤷‍♀️ it was very mixed today though I wasn't up early enough to get the contrast I suppose. The Dalek pic is hilarious, fancy finding something so perfect for all this week's topics in one 😂 I suppose there isn't much you can't find 'out there'. I was thinking again today sorting some photos, it's incredible that such a relatively short time ago there were no photographs in the world, not ONE, now we are swimming in them. More & more digital though. Anyway I will have all Toni's apples, and anyone can have my bananas because funnily enough I could happily live without them forever - they don't disagree, I just have never been mad about them. Today's pic, well I do read books and drink (some) coffee but I don't think I know many things 😐️ so there's no chance of me thinking I'm better than anyone. I would love a brain that retains stuff though it must be so useful. Even Doctor Who superfan stuff lol, not sure why people do tell others so much, like turning on a tap; I suppose they hope you will share their enthusiasm, but if people are interested they will soon ask. Well I hope you had a good day somehow!😬 😊 and I definitely await the next instalment :) xx

    Hello joan hope you both had a nice day, I didn't have the builder today I was glad to have had him on Thurs so I'd have the weekend free - he shoud be here one day next week - whether I'll be using him for anything major I don't know yet but even the odd job or two would be good. Have a good Bank Hol, no there isn't anything here going on that I know - probably the local Carnival is next but not yet. xx

    Love to Kitty and hope everything is going well 👌😀 xx

    and love to Barbara who I hope has had some time outside the weather has been just nice here.. have been eavesdropping on the neighbours under their patio umbrella.. nothing interesting sadly 😉 xx

    well I must go and do at least one job, have a good night all :) xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    Nice to hear from you i don’t usually post at this time but it’s been a bit of a disjointed day really okay I’ll do what I said I would do second instalment ha ha, dad seems okay thank you in a bit of a mood but that’s nothing new really, he doesn’t seem extra grouchy and seems okay health wise too, Mum’s keeping a very close eye on him anyway so that’s a good thing 👍

    EF are well too thanks, BR is very clever Learning how to use the advanced toys just as quickly as his brother did and actually called me Mina and then Mimi so he’s almost got the nickname Right basically and it looks like I’ve got another fan in the making, bless.

    LA is well and v naughty he had designs on whole cake, but my sis removed it in time, lol.

    its interesting what you said about the memory it is a definitely interesting to me anyway, who remembers what and what is considered important, i have a friend who has an eidetic memory, very modest person, but there are a lot of people who I know who are supposed to be “really intelligent” but are mostly hot air balloons ha ha, then of course there is the mega brain type who went to the best uni but still have to ask a friend if the heating should be put on the November…hmm curiouser and curiouser.

    I guess I should leave it there because if I completely disrupt my routine that won’t help me and sleep will come eventually I am praying lol.

    Have a good night toady tho it seems still a bit stuffy at least where I am and take care bye for now. Xx

    ps pic of some hot air balloon pals of mine lol. Xx

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    Morning everyone😊

    The kettle is on

    Morning Joan thank you I know you're right I did try. I stayed and tried. Like you did twice you are very brave to have tried twice. Shem there isn't another way fro then to 'see' inside us. I hope you are having a good weekend? ((())) xxx

    I know Kitty is super busy just now and may well be into next week, but hope all is going as planned and that we hear from her very soon. Sleek says she's fine and to stop worrying.

    Reshmi it is chilly in the mornings! You are so right, actually the sun still had a lot a lot of heat in it. Yesterday afternoon at the Fête was so hot Kari and I were really struggling. Paul was ok he loves the sun and my nephew and his wife loved it. She is from the Philippines originally and soaks up the heat.

    You did it you coped with the preparations for the EF visit and the actual celebration itself. Well done with (no doubt) an MTX hangover to cope with as well. I can imagine your parents wanting everything just so especially your Mum with the food bless her. Well done Sis saving the entire cake from being eaten by LA🎂

    How adorable is BR! his speech and abilities are astounding for such a tiny boy.❤️You have two adorable nephews there just get ready to be reading to both of them before too long😉 Neither of them had better grow into Megabrains though unless you have plenty of space to land two of these...

    I adored the cat pic sums us all up really. We do know things we do whether anyone needs to know what we know is another thing altogether. Imagine having a friend with a 'photographic memory' so impressive I can't remember whether I've taken my meds half the time!

    Morning Toady why ever shouldn't you be inside the house with a cup of tea on a Saturday evening in August? Sounds perfect to me.

    We were shattered yesterday after the fête would you believe?! I took the Fig and Paul took his TR4 there were only a few more cars there though. One gorgeous Morgan such a pretty shade of blue. Kari came as did my nephew and his wife. All very Midsomer until....see below did she fall or was she pushed?

    Unfortunately the day was slightly marred by one of the burger cookers taking a scary fall. She went down a right one and hit her face on the arm of a very solid bench, (they have posh benches in the next village where our parish hall and land is), bless her. She saved the tray of sausages she was holding somehow though🙄 There was a lot of blood which was scary, but all teeth and her knee replacement were ok. Eventually and steadily we managed to get her sat up then onto a chair then inside where the first aider checked her over. A lengthy visit to A&E pronounced her to have broken two bones in her poor face so her message late last night said.

    What on earth is a cronut? Well I googled it and nope I don't think I fancy it myself at all🤔Waitrose biccies maybe more like it - the vegan ones😋

    There are insects in the non-existent pond so far that is about it, but that is how things start Isn't it? Who knows what next year might bring? A frog or a toad maybe definitely a 🦔

    Another day of rest but we plan to spend it here in the garden Paul will do more hedge trimming and some mole hilling no doubt. I will titivate and make a mess for him to clear up. Hah! Really i prefer the garden to myself, but don't tell him😉 I hope you get outside today and make the most of the inability to post anything for a few days.

    Right I'd better get on after a quick wave to Barbara 👋 who posted me a fabulous pic of a french stick her eldest boy has cooked to perfection by the look of it.

    Sunday cooked breakfast of course vegan/ veg option is always available

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty ((()) have a good day love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I hope you get some of your jobs done today have a good day.

    Barbara (()) I hope everyone is has well as can be. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) you enjoyed yesterday no nice the lady falling over but she saved the sausages. Sue once had a barian meal you had to swallow it found out she had a hernia. Sue has had a blood test she is on the verge of having Diabetes she has meetings to go to but not till some time in September we have found some recipes on the computer. Have a good day all of you. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) it must be very busy there with a big family. Have a good day and your mum (())

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    Hi all


    Ps pic is a rare glimpse inside HV , lol.xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni toady etc

    sorry v tired wrote a poem but will post it tomorrow if I remember, good night everyone xx

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    Hi all, have been listing my little socks off on ebay earlier in order to ringfence off a free bit time but then my phone call from the other evening materialized tonight instead ☎️ can't say it's exacty what I felt like rounding the day off with but haven't spoken to this friend for a while 😬. Anyway as I have finished my other stuff I should have not much going on tomorrow so I shall be in with time to spare and a double dose of news chat photos gardening tea & biscuits songs jokes.. oh well maybe not the songs 😂 see you all then and hope you all have a good night :) xx

    Goodnight to Kitty and Barbara and anyone reading 😘 xx

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    Morning everyone!

    I've put the kettle on

    Hi Joan I am sure you and Sue can sort out her prediabetes you know. My friend did. She cut out her naughty stuff like biccies and sweets (and she loved them both so much too)bless her. If she takes sugar in her drinks can she try sweeteners? Extra ((())) for Sue and ((())) for you xxx

    I think I might need to speak to Kitty soon she's been a bit too quiet....busy I think. The house move is so imminent now I bet she absolutely can't wait! 😊😊😊

    Reshmi it looks so pretty inside HV, but a bit me shivers down my back.

    You know what this picture means. I would love to read you poem if you feel a bit better today?

    I am going to sit down and read one of your books with a cuppa thank you.

    Maybe just a delayed reaction to the big 'do' the other day. Please look after yourself and I hope to see a post from you today ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady the best intentions eh? At least all those lovely listings got done in time I am very pleased about that. Should set you up with some free time.

    Kari has this issue with her youtube videos. She is doing 70 hours a week at the moment. She is taking the week OFF finally bless her it's just not good for her mental health.

    I think I have a friend like that. One who is more of a drain than a fountain? Well it's done now for a while and I hope did not affect your sleep.

    Looking forward to seeing your song and dance routine later?


    I had a busy day helped Lucy do her online DBS and helped at the Church due to the villager's fall on saturday, but I did manage some garden time just for ME😊 Totally what I needed. The birds carried on nearby ignoring my pottering which made me very happy. Finally the 'new' hydrangeas from last year are doing something too so I will have some late summer colour.

    Today I am taking Lucy's wheelchair over to my friends' as her cancer is making mobility very difficult indeed now. I do wish 'they' would do something quicker. Then Paul and I will go for a drive don't really care where.

    Neighbours daughter let her twin boys (2) outside before 7am yesterday😮 would you believe it? the noise was a bit loud.

    Ah well it's not their fault they are just tinies just a lazy parent who wanted the noise outside of the house I suppose.

    Hi to you Barbara if you call by I hope all is well with you both.

    You haven't said whether the car is fixed?

    and how is your brother doing?

    Love to you ((()))

    Breakfast are we entitled to two naughty ones being a bank holiday I wonder🤔


    I used to love love love this!

    There is a vegan version too...

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) it will be so lovely for you having the bungalow. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that was nice hearing from a friend you had a good chat. Have a good day

    Barbara (()) how are all of you getting on. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé ((())

    Toni (())When I had the Endoscopy they got the camera down a bit and found I had a build up of acid in my throat I take Lansoprazole. we don’t have sugar or salt in anything we have salt to sprinkle on the ground when we have snow. Have a good ride out both of you. How is Lucy (()) and Winnie getting on. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) sorry you don’t feel well Arthritis wears you down. Love to your mum (())

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 1,791

    Hi everybody I’m doing okay thanks had the Methotrexate yesterday as a one-off due to “festive eating”, some of which I was forced to do , anyway all ok now thanks 😘 Toni toady 🐸 and Joan, tho was an energy drink morning I must admit, last night bad stomach prob, but that’s just mxt plus the rich foods of course, am feeling better now anyway 😀, hope you’re all doing ok?

    Toni loved Dino hot air balloon btw lol.

    will post properly later, Tc, Xx

    ps pic is bills ancestral castle lol

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 1,791

    hi again everybody hope you’re all okay?

    hi Toni and toady how are you both today? first things first this is the poem its not a masterpiece by any means but might make you laugh and is on the subject of Star Trek 🪐.

    poem for VC called Who Rules the universe?

    Kirk the all - knowing one with boyish charm, enigmatic smiles,

    Boxing like Ali, playing chess like Kasparov, fans worship him in the aisles,

    But Captain K. I think you’re all mascara and fake tan,

    I say that Mr. Spock should replace you,

    You can drive the extras home in the mini - van.

    ps S trek hand gesture for toady. Xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 1,791

    yes it’s a third instalment everybody Little unorthodox I know but at least I’m getting things done ha ha sorry to hear about your friend Toni that must’ve been very shocking the one who fell on the bench and broke some facial bones, does anyone know exactly what happened? was it a pure accident or does she have some kind of mobility issues perhaps?Well really good that she got to hospital in time and that she was able to text could’ve been so much worse 😔.

    Festival noise to contend with at night time also so that didn’t really help But I’m feeling much better now compare to yesterday thanks for asking.

    must’ve been nasty for you having to be outside during the event in such hot yucky weather 🤢,

    speaking of “yucky” - my stomach really played up last night hasn’t been that bad for a while really anyway at least that’s over for now 👍,

    LLF invited to me for a meal out tomorrow I just apologised and said “bloods” instead of explaining mxt side effects yet again 😡.

    she is quite self-absorbed Sue the LLF, to be honest, oh well, not to be confused of course with nice Sue on this site of course 😀

    sis was okay thank you sister she bought lovely Cake and some nice gifts like a nice colourful small shoulder bag, bill was also okay thank you though he refused low-calorie drinks even when offered them went straight for his beloved family sized cola bottle and the spiciest of sauce, also the sweetest and fattiest of the Indian desserts 🤷‍♀️

    Hi again toady 🐸 so no bananas 🍌 for you I’ll note that then lol, not even slightly disguised with other flavours in a smoothie? Or dare I say it, accompanied with ice cream? LLF hates them too, never eats them even when doc said was essential for her neurological condition, one stubborn woman there, pity she didn’t marry my dad really, lol, I await the biscuit jokes 🍪 lol. Bye fir now Tc, xx

    Hi again Joan yes big family when all together but that doesn’t happen all the time, thank goodness, lol, Tc. Xx

    Ps nice nostalgic Bananaman pic for toady lol, taken after trip to cosmetic dentist presumably 🪥. Tc xx

  • toady
    toady Member Posts: 1,405

    Hello all 😊 things have not gone quite to plan, as by 9 o'clock this morning I sold one of the things I listed yesterday (underpriced apparently haha) and had to stop & do packing, it turned into a right pain to package & I've also underquoted for postage which is salt in the wound 😂 & after all these ebay years, too. I do keep updating my postage price notes but they keep changing & sometimes I don't weigh things first & just guesstimate 😳 I hope Kari runs her etsy better than this, frog 😬. I didn't know she did youtube things too, that's a lot of hours to put in 😮 yes a break is a v good idea. These things can feel like something where momentum means you keep going I imagine; not quite a runaway train but something you have to make a definite point of stopping for a while. Well anyway this is why I'm behind, so I may have to brush up my song & dance a bit yet, how about 'Me Ol' Bamboo'? I'm sure given a bit of practice I could have that down perfectly 😂 😂. Oh well, I can always stake up a few things in the garden if all else fails. Garden pics to follow as well, I haven't quite got there either. Not all that nice out today compared to yesterday, that was just right 😀. Mind you I said that about your fete & obviously that was too hot. How is your poor fellow villager/friend?!! 😱 what an awful thing to happen, yes very Midsomer itself! And I was picturing you having a nice relaxing time 🙄 such a shock when something like that happens it would shake me up no end (as a witness). I hope she'll be ok! And I hope you had your nice drive today after visiting your poorly friend, I can quite imagine you would feel like doing that, a bit of a brief turn off into the wild blue yonder. Glad you got some quiet 'one-person' gardening time too, especially after the involuntary 'early start' 😣 . Anyone making noise today, I keep thinking 'blah, and on a Sunday' which of course it isn't - but even when it is, no-one cares much about that these days. Oh btw I mustn't malign my friend it's mostly the telephone I'm not keen on rather than them. I just don't like it that much, I prefer to see people or to email/text - I never know when to end the call for one thing. Pleased to hear your hydrangea are doing something for you :) I am looking at some Mexican orange blossom to put here & there so I have a bit of browsing & researching to do. Have a nice rest of day, have you got much 'on' this week? :) xx

    Hello joan yes it was nice to catch up with my friend 😊 I would rather see people but I don't feel happy about covid yet. I hope Sue will get on well with the things you have looked up on the internet, I expect small changes will help and not be a huge nuisance or sacrifice hopefully. 🤞Back to normal tomorrow I expect that will feel like Monday too now. xx

    Hi bosh, I read your today's posts earlier so an extra instalment when I came in now was like a bonus episode 😂 sorry your stomach has not been that happy but will settle now hopefully or at least better than with various factors like compulsory festive food 🤨. Gosh it's a bit of an ironic contrast to have a bill that can hoover up cakes and cola 🙄 - or 'pokey-pola' as Basil Brush would say, and me too occasionally 😂 (you're too young). I will have the odd banana, they just aren't a top 100 & more food and I could sacrifice them for something else quite cheerfully. So Bananaman doesn't give me the shudders. Oh I do love your poem 😀😂 poor Captain Kirk!! 'you can drive the extras home in the mini-van' 😂 so cruel, the ignominy! Sic transit (van) gloria 😉. Anyway so funny, thank you 👍️😀. As the only member of the original series to actually go into space, the oldest person in fact, maybe that counts as having the last laugh, well he did live long and prosper! He actually looks pretty good for 90, hasn't been to Bananaman's dentist or any awful plastic surgeon, well not obviously so. Very interesting you have a friend with eidetic memory, I wonder if it is actually a blessing? or maybe some people find it too much 🤔 I do know one or two megabrains but thankfully no balloons, I suppose I don't know that many people so maybe that's sort of an upside haha. Have a good evening and hope all HV EF as well as can be expected :) xx

    Love to Kitty and look forward to hearing whatever upcoming news 😊

    and waves to Barbara 😘 hope the blackbirds are fine, I expect yours are moulting too - more pics soon xx

    Tea I think and get on with something ☕️ xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 1,791

    Hi Toady 🐸

    Thanks for liking my poem and all the instalments, I’ll just give a quick reply for now and go into more details tomorrow depending on energy levels of course 😀.

    About the friend with the eidetic memory, i haven’t had The chance to ask him about it to be honest but I can imagine it would be more of a curse than a blessing at least that would be the case if I had one, but in his case , he had a very hard life really, his mother died very early on and he’s dealt with Poverty for a long time although he’s more financially secure now thankfully, what I’m trying to say is that he’s got a very strong mind and positive outlook on life so I think really he takes things as they come even though, if had an eidetic memory I would definitely be thinking “when can I switch off?”. But I suppose it’s like a lot of things we learn to work around them for example I once knew a lady who had hyperthyroidism She told me and she has palpitations in the night but that she’s somehow managed to “train her brain”, control her breathing and so on so that she can sort of bear with it and the panicky sensation is reduced to a minimum, I’m not sure that I would have the strength of mind to do that myself though, I do have Palpitation types feelings sometimes, not sure why exactly, but one reason is definitely stress in my opinion, but what I’m trying to say in a very roundabout and inarticulate way is that I suppose the memory thing is something he’s just learned to deal with to a certain extent 😀.

    Thats interesting info about Captain Kirk and I like the pun too 😂.

    I know What you mean about “known” people, definitely, when it Comes to friends colleagues that kind of thing I definitely feel it’s more about quality than quantity too 👍.

    I’m Not feeling too bad at the moment actually toady after having a nice stew and rice for my supper.

    I hope Have a good or at least reasonable night and take care bye for now. Xx

    ps Halloween pumpkin art, I know Much too early for Halloween, but I have a goth friend who’s obsessed, I’m blaming her, lol. Tc. Xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 1,791

    Good night everyone. Xx.

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