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    Hello all - sad day - I haven't watched the proceedings although I may see a little back another time. I was reading about the bouquets including the bit about the myrtle in her bouquet being from a plant grown from a sprig from her wedding bouquet in 1947. Sniff.

    Nice to see everyone in today & back from their various spells away. Lovely pictures frog, you look very the part 😀 and your hair looks very good no-one would suspect it of being a trial to you. Paul looks great in his overalls 🏁 good shoes, too 👍️. Hope you got on ok today with your visit to Stoke, will you be having a quiet(er) rest of week? Hope you can get in the garden and have a nice time with geraniums & autumn prep & all the rest of it. 😊🌼 One lot of the new pots were just ones off ebay, not especially deep just equal w x d rather than (say) the 13 x 10 cm type &c.

    I bought them off the person I did because it was all they were selling, I avoid bigger garden sellers rather than buy off people who sell mousetraps 😧 (silly really when I've bought off people like B*Q but draw the line at a picture of a beautiful little mouse on a branch in the sunshine labelled 'pest control' 😕). The biodegradables were the same sort of size/spec. Anyway there are deep rose type pots as you'll know, 14cm x 18cm etc, may get some of those sometime. Thank you for admiring my sunflower 😊 her little sister/brother is out today too and 3 or 4 to come but those won't get much taller. Next year I will do better🤞. Btw you are probably right that you wouldn't shop with 'the supermarket' in question. They did bring me round replacement items, this is where the silliness came in because at just the time I was expecting them (I was in the front garden) someone drove up & got out, said my house number, & handed me a bag - a second too late I realised it was a bag with 2 takeaway iced coffees, for goodness knows who 🤪 a member of the local BIL fraternity obviously, but not me. Couldn't get hold of anyone so nothing I could do, just hoped the driver did not get in trouble. Have a good week, how lovely to come home to find the pears, that's so nice 😊. xx

    Hello joan, yes yoghurty sugar, not nice at all! Better than salt I suppose. They brought replacements, the sugar isn't 'perishable' like the yoghurt so I will probably save most of it (hate waste) but it was fair to have it replaced because I wanted it for the store cupboard so you don't really want a dodgy bag. Yes 'King Charles' will get a lot of getting used to won't it. Hopefully he will be able to put some useful opposition in against issues like fracking which will be all to the good in my opinion even if the PM won't be happy. 😉 Have a good week after this sad & strange day xx

    Hi bosh glad you 'survived' the w/e to come in to tell us the tale, love LA telling everyone you were coming even if it may not have quite 'translated' to them haha. Glad the back is getting better with rest and the odd painkiller hope it keeps on improving. The iron issue was back awhile for me, when I've been more inflammatory the RA makes it dip I think; they must be happier with it these days at least they don't go on about it like they once did. I do take a bit now anyway to keep it topped up hopefully. If you read my bit to Toni you'll see someone tried to deliver me 2 large fancy iced coffees so a bill type clearly lives somewhere very very near me 😮 😉 takeaway food I can just about understand but with all the coffeemakers you can get now I can't think there's much you can't make at home 🤔 childcare-avoidance you have to go out for though 😂, would absolutely ask for child avoidance in mine full stop haha. I love the catty bat 😍 oh there should definitely be those. If they could be persuaded to eat fruit & leave my mice alone they could swoop over my garden anyday. Hope the rest of your week is ok doesn't feel like a Monday so it will probably be a bit like that for the next few days. xx

    Love to Barbara, Kitty & everyone on this sad Monday 😔👑 hope everyone as well as possible xx

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    hi toady 🐸

    I’ll just type a quick answer for tonight and then do more tomorrow😀

    I agree and there’s nothing wrong with child avoidance coffee unless you actually have a child of course then it changes by necessity ha ha at least that’s what my Maidenhead barrister told me lol

    so you’re in close proximity to a bill type oh dear lol

    ps another Alice type pic for you tc and good night. Xx

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    Morning everyone.

    Well that's it now our Queen laid to rest with all the pomp and pageantry only we can do here in the UK. God bless her.

    It's I wearing pink?? Yes i think so!

    I managed to get hold of Kitty yesterday she is doing really well in her little bungalow. She is managing on her own with carers twice a day. She has just ordered a kettle tipper and table top freezer. They have been from the council to look at putting in a wet room too so she's getting there 😊

    Morning Joan how are you doing today? I can't get used to 'King' Charles either it's not as easy as changing the year in January is it? 😔 Thank you about Sue ((())) and for noticing about my friend and thinking of her now xxx

    Morning Reshmi it's lovely to have you back here. How is your actual back today? I have a rucksack too but if it's heaving like at Goodwood Paul carries it they are hard on your back and you must have carried yours for a long time all that way.

    Still I am very proud of you for going it's been ages since you had to travel that far and on a train too. I'm sure the mattress was excellent quality, but our backs do not respond well to change.

    I think it's adorable that Mima was mentioned at school by LA how much was he looking forward to seeing you❤️Hopefully they worked out you are his Auntie and how much he loves you. BR knows what radiators do he will soon be a fully fledged heating engineer like his brother is already. Just needs to get a little taller. Clearly it will be a year or two before he can train to be a Dr like his older brother has already started!

    Oooh tricky being in the middle of other people's domestics😣not nice. I bet the boys are used to it. You aren't, but at least no actual vesuvius. Shame you didn't get fed regularly and the result when you got home😫 still at least it was in private. I can't believe your parents are home already and already arguing! Back to normal🙄

    Erm yes Paul was sunburnt AGAIN!!! will he wear lotion? nope.

    Morning Toady it is nice to be home it always is though I have hit the ground running with all the washing to do unloading of motorhome as well as the need to visit my friends.

    My hair gosh it was such a trial there I welded it in place with so much lacquer which I had a game washing out yesterday, but thank you. Thank you for being so kind we had to join in because you were definitely the odd one out if you didn't dress up.

    Brilliant thanks I couldn't remember what flower the myrtle was! I wondered about it yesterday now I know!

    I see the kind of pots yes I need some really deep ones because our bungalow is high up and the flowers can't be seen from the road. Aww yes I am the same with moles even though we came back to no less that 27 new molehills!!!!!

    Your sunflower has family! Have you staked her (them in case of winds?) I had to stake my tall delphiniums because the wind and rain had got them while I was ok. They look as though they'll survive thank goodness.

    Our phone box has been like this for the last 10 days:

    Heartbreaking, but we must move on now.

    I sent Barbara my pics from Goodwood so she could have a laugh! She sounded ok I am so cross about her eyes it's just so unfair😡

    Take care everyone

    Toni xx

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    Good morning everyone

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I’m pleased you are happy in your bungalow (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) we don’t have any sugar only salt to put on the ground when it’s slippy. How are Mr and Mrs Blackbird. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you I hope everything is alright. Love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Thank you for saying about Kitty. How is your back feeling. Your post box looked good. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) have a good day with not too much pain.

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    Hi again toady 🐸

    how are things going today? Twinings dark caramel that sounds like an interesting flavour thanks for that info 👍

    I know what you mean about the hospital dramas sometimes it’s just light-hearted stuff and sometimes it gets a bit too close to certain unfortunate peoples’ harsh realities

    however “Doctors” is a pretty light-hearted programme most of the time it’s not so much about the doctors themselves more about gossiping receptionists and all sorts of amusing sidelines though of course not every episode is the same I enjoy watching it anyway and if something disturbs me, in my case it mostly mental health type stuff, I just switch it off, anyway might be worth a try though of course no compulsion lol 😀

    Ok I’ll leave it there toady hope you’re having a good afternoon and take care xx

    ps nice witch pic - the bats were busy returning unwanted sugary caffeinated beverages sorry about that, lol.xx

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you today? I take your Point about mattresses change is not always a good thing for backs, mine is a lot better today thanks for asking even went on the walk 😀 The mattress in my sisters house was definitely good in some ways it but I think one of the probs is when I rested on my side even for small amount of time it really hurt because the mattress was so hard even last night I felt this nasty kind of bruising which took a long time to go away but thankfully back and sides have improved a lot since then 👍.

    so Paul can be stubborn about suncream I understand my dad is stubborn about practically everything haha.

    About getting food on time in the EF’s abode my sister meant well but as Bill knows she is quite terrifying sometimes so I had become perhaps overly scared of her but with good reason anyway I know now that the sensible thing would have been to ask where is the toaster and all that kind of thing anyway it’s over now and like you said thank goodness I didn’t have a stomach episode in someone else’s house and someone else’s bathroom that would’ve been horrific 🤢 so hard though because we went out to eat it was just meant to be a light snack and a hot drink at most but bill ended up ordering the whole barbecue chicken platter for himself really even tho it was family size lol and I had a very plain jacket potato I did not consume skin Marge butter anything like that and half a hot choc which maybe wasn’t ideal but I was feeling a bit weak anyway so he was going on and on stuffing his face all day long LA was looking at the dessert menu I was contemplating the apparent cast-iron nature of Bills stomach ha ha you can imagine the situation Lol, Of course he hasn’t really has got a cast iron stomach no one does in fact the doc told him that he might be getting some stomach issues I don’t know the details and he has to take care but that’s like asking the majority of GPs receptionists to take etiquette lessons to enrol in the Jane Austen school of manners or something like that even lol.

    I have started waffling which is both good and bad but I will have to curtail it soon otherwise won’t get anything done.

    glad you enjoy to Goodwood how’s Lucy doing? new job and the flat still going smoothly?

    ill stop now because I am on the verge of entering dreamland again

    Oh just I wanted to mention bill disappeared while I was there for quite a long period of time I asked my sis where he was she said he’s getting coffee and I said for such a long time? she replied with something like “it’s coffee laced with childcare avoidance” must be a new Starbucks drink I believe😂 my mum also said there is a very good bakery the coffee direction so she wouldn’t be surprised if it’s coffee and pastry and offspring avoidance several times a day!! oh dear makes me feel like saint in comparison food wise anyway ha ha oh well their marriage horse and carriage and all the rest I will not interfere I’m just glad that my backs almost fully settled down take care Toni have a nice afternoon. Xx

    hi Joan i’m not too bad thank you my back feels a lot better today how are you and Sue? mum is well too thanks, Tc xx

    Ps Toni this is a pic related to elephant trunk expert lady baby lol. Xx

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    Hello all 😊 very nice day out there all things considered, have been pottering and doing odd jobs, long may it last (NOT looking at the forecast, ignorance is bliss). Just a quick hello as I must have a screen break and then do some ebay packing &c. I have been marking spacings for hedges on the future-new-neighbours side (plz grow quickly 😬🤞) and turning out old pots in the interest of a bit of autumn planting. Large pots you meant frog, not plant pots, silly me. I do seem to have ended up with an imbalance of squat flowerpots so the taller ones will help me out, but large planters are more or less on my permanent wish list too 😀 what sort of shape are you after, anything along the lines of the tall vaso alto stromboli from a certain online shop.. or too modern.. otherwise the yorkshire style I keep going on about but not buying, and which the price has now gone up of (grammar) 😂. I have staked my sunflowers, thank you, but can't be reminded too many times, one lapse as you say and you lose something, still happens now & then 😳. Hope things ok with you today post-trip and washing etc, sad to see the postbox how long a period of mourning will it observe 😔 has been a bit odd seeing online companies put up messages of condolence inevitable next to something incongruous about selling you things, but what else can they do I suppose. Yes Barbara's troubles make me very sad and if there is anything/anyone 'up there' they should jolly well pull a few strings - or be held accountable - but that doesn't happen does it 🙄 Have a good evening all the frogs xx

    Hello joan, Mr and Mrs Blackbird are well, as it happens have just taken a pic today of Mrs B with her almost complete new tail now, will post in due course. Mr B is still very scrappy around his head feathers hopefully he too will soon be all spruced up. Do they not salt everywhere round your way when it's icy or is this just for your own path &c. Hope you have had nice weather today anyway, will put off thinking about ice as long as possible! xx

    Hi bosh, glad you are feeling up to posting and your back getting on nicely. You reminded me again I really really must get a new mattress but I feel I will never get another as good as my current one, for quality, wish I could just replace it as is. You read reviews and even expensive ones sound awful 😔 dreading making a wrong purchase. Yes I expect Doctors is quite soap-opera-y rather than too medical 😀 would probably be ok with it, though I don't watch any series or afternoon tv much these days because the internet has taken over so much of the time I would once have spent watching stuff & I dare not really get myself into a position that I add TV back into the time spent sitting or looking at screens. The trouble is it will be easy to lapse into being less active when the weather makes walking & gardening unappealing, will have to get a bit of discipline from somewhere. I don't suppose there's a coffee for that 😂 actually I suppose that's just lots of coffee, until you're too caffeinated to sit still, not a good idea either! Have a good day and may HV behave itself or at least as far as is realistically likely🤞btw I forgot to say, like Toni, well done going on the train! 🚉 Lovely window 😍 virginia creeper I think? I may grow that up the wall here when the builder finishes, you wouldn't have to go up a ladder to prune it you could just lean out and cut out a window shaped space every now & then 😀 xx

    Love to Barbara and Kitty 😘 xx

    and carol, mig and anyone not here xx

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    [some sort of rogue post, no idea what I did, ignore!]

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    Hi all

    well at last we both have negative covid tests. And yes I am glad it was now and not 2 and a half years ago. However it’s still not something you would want to catch if you can help it. I am still left with a cough but then my asthma can cause that anyway. And still get dry tired at the end of the day. I think the blisters on the leg after the fall was more to do with the fact that I had had the flare up.

    yes eldest daughter and myself are both strong and stubborn women, and of course with mum sticking up for youngest granddaughter doesn’t help. I wasn’t the only one to suffer the abusive behaviour from the two of them, my sister was too the day before. But luckily eldest granddaughter and grandson have has the sense not to get involved so our contact with them is still okay.

    Otherwise everyone is ok our Rubie started full time a school today in the reception class, at the same school as her sisters. So for one year they the are all in the same school as Lillie is in year six and will change to secondary school next year.. and I though you might like to see this photo. All 7 great grandchildren taken at their grandads funeral the bigger girl holding Ava is a family friend’s daughter. All 7 in Chelsea football gear because grandad was a good Chelsea fan.

    Will post again soon

    love to you all ❤️❤️❤️

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    Evenung all sorry again fir being absent and so kind if you all to ask about me..

    Toni si you had a beer festival in the village..wgat a lovely place to live..electric bike are wonderful till the batteries go gery expensive. So do your homework thankyou for the updates in Kitty xx

    Joan hiw nice of you to miss me..I will keep posting his long as I can predictive text helps 😁 love the story about the coil 🤣xx

    Reshmi hope alk is well with you and your mum ..has fir eyes mine were perfect till this macular came along have you heenan getting yo your meetings xx

    Toady you dint half make me laugh..what I can read that is ..up to your neck in paint 🤣

    Talking of black birds we on see ours now maybe once a week if that ..and I think they are the young ones slightly more timid ..I must read up on them xx

    Love to everyone xxxxx

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    Hi toady I totally get it about daytime tv and diff schedules, I’m def not a nocturnal person for example no offence lol, I’ll reply properly tomorrow good night. Xx

    ps pic is funny meme about more innocent and simpler times 😂. Tc xx

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    Very quick post. I'm at my friend's in Stoke.

    Her wife is in theatre having emergency surgery on a bowel obstruction.

    She may not make it.

    I am helping with the dogs



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    Hi Toni v sorry to hear that Tc. Xx 🤗

    Morning all

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) i hope you have your wet room we have one. Have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) No the council don’t do our road it’s only a side road. I put the salt out by the back door. Have a good day I hope you get your packing done. That’s good you still see Mr Mrs Blackbird.

    Barbara (()) sorry about your eyes. Thank you for coming on here. Have a good day (()) How is Mr B (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (())) and her fiancé (())

    Carol (()) that’s good you feel better now and Mr T (()) that’s a lovely photo of your grandchildren thank you.

    Toni (()) sorry about your friends wife (()) I will think about her and wish her the best (()) How is your back now (()) Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how is your back now. Is your mum (()) back home now I hope they enjoyed it.

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    Frog so sorry to read what is happening 😟 wishing your friend the best and hugs for you too xx

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    hi Joan how are you and Sue today? back is almost fully better thanks still being a little bit careful about bending too much but it’s practically fully better now thanks for asking 😀

    my parents enjoyed the holiday a lot thanks especially my mum, she said she’s put on a little bit of weight from the hotel food but I said that she can lose it easily because she is so careful with her diet most of the time and maybe she can also do a little bit of walking when her knee isn’t hurting too much hope you’re both having a nice afternoon take care, xx

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    hi Barbara nice to hear from you thanks about my mum she’s okay thanks my mum and dad went on holiday Portugal type area they’re back now, I think she enjoyed it, thanks I do go to the weekly group / meeting thing most weeks thanks for asking, my Dad had detached retina once he only went to the optician after my mum kept on and on nagging him and then the optician said he needed to go to eye A and E immediately and then he had operation it could’ve been sorted out long before it became emergency but that’s my dad for you ha ha hope your day is going okay? love Reshmi. Xx

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    Him Toady

    how are you today? you’re absolutely right about caffeine too much is definitely not good for us unfashionable though that idea is haha, thanks about the train,

    I went to Group today not for very long so I could resist having too much sugar

    and also basically do I would you avoid using the public toilets

    v creeper possibly but to be honest I know very little about plants and gardening matters I think that you’re definitely the expert there 👍

    Image just came up on one of the online Pinterest searches I did

    About the mattresses I take your point but then sometimes have to face your fears when it comes to mattresses I know easy for me to say but what’s the worst that can happen? I would’ve thought that they have a fairly reasonable return / refund policy? it’s not like it’s personal private items with hygiene issue at least that’s my opinion - you could perhaps look into the refund polices? Thats what I would do myself.

    My goodness it’s later than I thought it was, ok, I need to be succinct now, the artist guy RR finished my squash type drink today lol, he asked first of course, but it’s a little bit odd really don’t you think? Thats one way to cut down on sugar I guess lol, he seems to be an universal dustbin lol. Ok more than to say, no time atm, hope you day’s going ok? Tc xx

    ps pic on how not to raise kids I think, lol. Tc. Xx

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    hi toady 🐸I’ve got a poem I have written that you may possibly enjoy is a little bit strange bear with it please gets better near the end at least that’s what I think ha ha the context is that LA was of course very sad to see me go home so I tried to cheer him up and said that next time I come I’ll bring him some chocolate which immediately made him happy but he made a stipulation not chocolate, but chocolate cake and guess what? “not from the shop” so I really need to improve my baking skills then lol so that’s what this poem is about 😀

    poem is called Vulcan Nephew Mind Meld

    Greedy bills or scary ex - bosses,

    They don’t bother me

    Because my young friend LA embosses 

    His cute little seal 

    Into my baking mind 

    I’ll get him his chocolate cake 

    But from Waitrose, I’ll leave the stove - toiling behind. 

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    Hi Again toady I know I’m in bombarding you with info perhaps but obviously feel free to just read what you have time for 😀

    A little bit more Star Trek related humour I saw an episode can’t remember the name now in which Spock heard more than he was supposed to because of his extraordinary Vulcan hearing it was definitely funny but I added a line for Spock so that he could speak the subtext as it were and this line was “ yes my Vulcan hearing as impeccable as my Vulcan eyesight 👀 Captain Smarmy ” lol, I know that you have neutral feelings about C Kirk but I certainly find him very smarmy I always have done I think ha ha okay so that Star Trek joke 1.

    the second one is not really to do with me it’s more like a direct quote in another episode whose name there was a person whose health self improved rather too quickly to be normal and Kirk was finding it hard to believe so McCoy replied modestly and very humorously I believe bye saying something like, “ must be an alien element in what’s happened, “either that or I’m a bright young medic with a miraculous touch” there you have it McCoy an NHS Doctor Who is both modest and self-deprecating realises his imitations and is not playing God I’m not saying they don’t exist I’ll just say “beam me up GP” lol okay I’ve stopped now thanks for indulging me toady bye for now. Xx  

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    Hello people :) just a little hello from me as it's a bit downbeat in the cafe while frog has had troubles, will keep any odds & ends til another time.

    Nice to see all Carol's family, nearly a little football team of its own certainly enough for five a side and a sub or two :) v pleased to hear you and Mr T both clear of the virus, remember to pace yourself for a while still which of course you know but always tempting to try and get back to 'normal'. Glad to hear to that the current family upset/unrest is not too one-sided. xx

    Hello joan, thank you I understand about the gritting :) definitely an excellent idea to keep some and do your own, I ought to do the same. There was so little bad weather last winter you forget to be prepared. I am glad I'm on the level the houses nearby behind go up a really steep slope I would be too scared to come out if even slightly snowy/icy 😬. Have seen all the birds today and the 2 little regular mice that come. Love to you both xx

    Hello dear Barbara 😘 lovely to see you, I wonder why your blackbirds are about less, maybe they are still moulting they do hide away a bit then because they are vulnerable.. this is a good little article I found Kettle on anytime if passing (getting dark at half 7! eek 😬).

    Love to Kitty too and hope any extra bits the council are doing for you will be straightforward. 👍️

    Hi bosh and thank you kindly for the bits & pieces and news & Star Trek chat 😊 funny old day, I was glad to have something to read. Have not done much today except try & rearrange my room after decorating, it mostly seems to have involved picking things up & putting them down again. Thank you yes I should not stress over a new mattress, I do a bit over any purchase 😕 it's a bad habit, none of it really matters. Glad you made it to the group for a while and they were not all absent today, eek no I would not care for RR finishing my drink, even older friends or anyone, I wouldn't be at all keen tbh 🤔. Are you really going to pass off a Waitrose cake as your own, ooh, how very devious 😂 but after all a nice shop cake is no different I find & a lot of them could easily pass as home made. Sweet that LA was sad to see you go :) I don't think I remember the surprisingly quick recovery person in Star Trek but I do have ultimate faith in Dr McCoy myself, don't forget that when he helped the Horta he said something like 'I'm beginning to think I could cure a rainy day'. I am definitely a super Spock fan no question, I can't imagine Star Trek without him, as far as Kirk, I suppose I also think it would have been a very different programme with someone else and they are sort of a team (even if with Kirk there is a little bit of self-satisfaction I would have to admit as long as you don't quote me on that ). 😉 Btw I absolutely love the windows chat room it is the only sort I would ever use 😊 we should go back to those times. Have a good evening & hope your Mum is not doing too much after getting back from holiday :) xx

    Love to all and thinking of frog🤞xx

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    Hi toady thanks for your nice message I’ll reply properly tomorrow just wanted to say good night. Xx

    Ps about pic, Ok, so in the spirit of celebrating all strong females whether 4 years old or on other side of things a bit of Maggie Smith humour plus of course more info on how to be “ladlike” lol, so if you see something glowing on your late evening walk, thats not me dancing round the embers of my house…I can almost promise you, lol, bye for now. Xx

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    Morning everyone

    Semi normal service is resumed

    Right my friend made it through the surgery she is 59 and had breast cancer some ten years ago. It took them some time to settle her bloods down - infection,low glucose and high BP before they could attempt it. It was a truly terrifying time because it was possible that her bowel would explode at any time and it would have only one way to go. They finally took her down at 4am and she rang us at 11am. What a stressful wait that was. We do not know how much cancer was removed nor what type it was yet because she was too out of it when the surgeon came back to see her. What we do know is that she has a stoma and were told when she was admitted that it was going to be only palliative care from now on. We were (so so kindly) allowed to see her in recovery of all places for an hour and a half last night which was wonderful.

    At least this way we have time to get our heads around it all and make some happy memories. I was best woman at their civil partnership many years ago I think we may plan a wedding.....

    How lovely lovely to see Barbara managing to post 😊 Of course we all ask after you we all care very much ((())) I will be careful with the bike they are so expensive I agree.

    Joan thank you I have posted a little update above it was all very scary at least she is out of the woods for now. How about you and Sue how are you both doing? I am ok back very sore though it's been a lot these last few days. ((())) xxx

    Thanks Reshmi for your good wishes too things are ok for now. It certainly has taken it's toll on me i think I had 2 hours something sleep the night before, but last night I got home here and had nearly 8 which is unheard of for me. I hope the info above didn't upset you, but rest assured for now all is well. Well agony of course for my friend, but she is here.

    Well done getting to group and even well-er (new word) done for not giving in to loads of sugar!!

    I loved your little poem it was so sweet (I read everything from yesterday so I could catch up even if it was technically to someone else) how lovely to have those boys in your life.

    I was very pleased to hear that your Mum enjoyed her holiday. So she should she deserves it a bit of warm weather did her good and in general she copes well with your Dad.

    The trekky tales transpiring twixt you and Toady (like the alliteration?) made me smile I remember so much. By the way my Mum used to fancy Captain Kirk I am convinced of it🤭 Bones was always my hero though.

    Carol sorry for short post in advance, you'll see from above I have had an exhausting 48 hours🙄 The photo is adorable and so sweet to dress up in the football gear with pic of Grandad behind ((())) for you all.

    I hope they will get 'the school photo' this year with all three girls in it! I had that with all three of ours once and only once but it is a treasured memory for me.

    It sounds as though there is trouble in the Turbogran clan. I hope (and am sure given time) your daughter and Grandaughter will soften their hearts and things will return to normal for you all. At least not everyone has fallen out. I can imagine how upsetting it all is so ((())) for you.

    Great news you are both negative 😊

    Obvioulsy I haven't heard from Kitty for a bit hopefully she is ok with her lovely carers going in. Online shopping being delivered and Anita and the rest of the family visiting so often now😊

    Morning Toady how are you?

    The room is finished! fabulous well done. I think you should be ok with buying a mattress online I know Barbara did for her last one. You could ask her which one although I think i know which it is. It has excellent reviews and is returnable??? I myself would have had one, but our bed (at the moment) is a superking and they don't go up to that size or didn't when I last looked.

    My back is very sore all that sitting, waiting, standing, waiting, sleeping in a strange bed for just over 2 hours has taken it's toll. I am still going to try to go for a short walk today if I can I think it will help. Not sure I can even risk any time in my garden 😕

    There's been trouble at the parish council unexpected resignations, but we came 2nd to the next village (our arch rivals)in Best Kept Village.

    I just said to Bosh I am loving your trekkie chats you must take a peep at what I said I was pretty impressed with my early morning prose...

    Take care everyone

    unhealthy but not in this cafe calorie free!

  • dachshund
    dachshund Member Posts: 8,480

    Good morning everyone

    We go for our booster this afternoon

    Kitty (()) have a good day thinking of you. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) That’s good you still see the birds. Sue has had the all clear but she has to keep taking the iron tablets till November. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) How is Mr B (()) and his hip. Love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) that’s good news your friends wife got through the operation (()) all the best to her. Sue has got the all clear but she has to take the iron tablets till November and she has to think about having the camera down but she’s waiting till November to see if she his still short of iron. Thank you for thinking about her. I hope your back calm’s down today (()) Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s good your mum (()) and Dad (()) enjoyed the holiday. I hope you have a good day.