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    Cup of tea with your kitten anyone?

    Morning Joan how are you and Sue today? We are working on drying out the basement and everything in it. So much mess, but we will get there. Thanks for your kind wishes for my neighbour I think judging by Kitty's op he will be very pleased 😊 Have a good day ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you feeling? I hope you get to the group ok. You do do well to make the effort. If new M is there I hope she is polite. I don't trust her to be.

    The meal sounded lovely. Your Mum was so good to remind you to avoid the rice so you were able to really enjoy your meal with no ill effects apart from feeling a bit full. You are right about vegan options! It's great isn't it? The choice is getting really wide in most good restaurants nowadays.

    Good luck to your Dad with his routine bloods. Nice when it's nothing to worry about I think and you get a lift to the group so that's good.

    Typical men won't pay for something to be fixed until the job gets worse then surely it costs more🙄 I'm still washing sleeping bags etc from the basement now and it will take days to dry out properly. Oh well never mind at least it's fixed now.

    I promise to stop body-shaming Grandma😁 great pic thanks😊

    Have a good day.

    Morning Toady. Well done you got your phone!!!!!!!! I am so pleased for you. Do you think any of those bidders are 'fake'? to get the bidding going? I hope you love your 'new' phone

    Yes the ordeal by water. Well what I heard was the cistern filling up in the loo, but when I had a look to see if there was an issue with the ball-cock it was fine so I investigated further. I wish though that Paul had listened to me when I first noticed it. Water gets into everything doesn't it? All will be well, I'm over it now, whatever has gone has gone and it will help with my Swedish death clean. To be fair the basement was the last area on my list but still.

    Exactly right - it's not chalk mark on your blazer these days it's pictures of you all over the internet 1,000s of people joining in. It happens in your own bedroom at 3am you would never get respite from them. You can imagine what their names are now too can't you? Poor kids😔 I wouldn't be upset if none of mine had children if they do I hope they are boys. Beware the popular girl.

    Regarding the siren. Do you remember the opposition some made to the COVID app? I'm surprised there isn't more of an outcry.🤔

    Better get on I think.

    Take care everyone

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    Hi everyone

    wppl xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope everyone is well there. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s good you got the phone 📱 you wanted i hope it does what you want it to. The weather man his still saying snow. Have a good day.

    Barbara (()) thinking of you and your family (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) It’s good you found the leak when you did (()) have a good day. Did your neighbour get on alright good luck to him (()) Every time I think of Lucy I think of when she was in Primarks with you and Tia (()) it changed all your lives (()) Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (())

    Reshmi (()) that’s nice you had your meal out your mum was watching you (()) love to your mum (()) have a good day

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    Hi Joan

    how are you both today?

    thanks about meal

    yes mum always looks out for me

    we’re all ok today thanks 🙏

    bfn tc xx

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    Hi all 👋 not much going on today, but at least there was a bit of daylight to not do much in 😂 the wind's picking up a bit now, wouldn't surprise me if it started drizzling either.

    Frog of course the basement was the last place you were to tidy, where else would it choose 🙄 I admire your getting over it philosophy, sorry though that there you were doing a bit of advance prophecying & were not believed 😬 that doesn't help does it. Hope things are coming along as well as poss, it's not the middle of winter, I suppose that's a crumb of help. I have been box sorting again, I don't think I'm getting anywhere though 😂 I just know if I put any up the attic, they're the ones I'll need down for something but they can't possibly all stay down here 📦️📦️📦️ 😱. Btw I noticed a thing about reductions on certain RM parcel rates, til the 2nd (thinking of Kari &c), but all that seemed to mean is that they are making the current longstanding rate (ie will go up shortly) sound like a special offer 🤨. Couldn't quite work it out tbh. I buy a lot of stamps off ebay, old xmas etc ones that will still be valid, as I've probably said. Supporting RM is such a quandary I understand they have to cover themselves for the service they offer ie same price to all locations, & would soon be grumbling if they weren't there, but £1.10 for a stamp takes some stomaching. My phone auction today went against me but I wasn't too worried. Yes dodgy bidders are always a possibility but for low things I think it often is just people who bid on quite a lot of things so that if they get it cheap they do & if not they move on. Have a good evening, hope all goes well for your neighbour tomorrow :) xx Kitten with my afternoon tea please 😍 omg. Did you see little Teddy, who survived the Swansea gas explosion.

    Hello joan, I didn't get my 2nd auction but that's fine, at least it didn't go too cheaply for the seller, and I'm happy with mine hopefully as long as it's ok. Surely no more talk of snow, it's so much milder at the moment you start to forget so quickly how cold you were. Clocks change at the end of the week 😊 I've just bought some nice Easter cards 🐣 I will try and get a few off in good time this year I'm always late. Have a good evening :) xx

    Hi bosh, I was coming back in yesterday but it was more good intentions as I never made it in the end. I did get to the postbox but it was horrid out, cold & really blowing, I didn't go far. Glad you got on ok at the meal it sounds nice 👍️ hope still feeling ok and your Dad too after his test. Will hear about how you got on at group etc later I expect. I didn't get my 2nd auction but I see now the amateur mistake I made, I thought I was casting a spell for all rival phone bidders but it must have been a single use auction spell, I should have done a separate one for each 😄 this one went up a lot more so I'm glad I had the other already, saved me being tempted to bid. I love 'cut out the middle-warlock', that's fantastic 😂😂 I shall remember about the hidden charges, for future bidding, that course is obviously not the bargain it sounds 😱. Not worth it just to obtain a 2ndhand nosegay dog & bone, to quote your 'cockney' acquaintance (v odd that, if it is a terrible accent it is not going to get him any street cred whatsoever 🤔 actually non genuine cockney on tv & films nearly always is awful, I wonder why.. doesn't seem like it should be the hardest thing). Have a good evening :) xx

    Love to everyone, & thinking of Barbara 😘 xx

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    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    Sorry about my very late “proper post”

    been a bit of a day really, dad misled me about the blood test time, so I ended up getting up really early for no reason and also not letting myself rest properly overnight or the day before😡

    he really can be very annoying, it was his annual heart blood test, we don’t have the results yet but nothing urgent just routine is what the docs said so that’s good at least thanks

    he def doesn’t have a needle phobia, but he always has to complain about something. He said they couldn’t find the vein in one arm so they took blood from the other. Oh my goodness like that’s never happened to anyone before lol

    He also complained that he had too much chicken in the meal out, no one told him to stuff his face 🤷‍♀️

    I’m okay thanks just very tired and I had a bit of stomach cramps with the TOTM even though it doesn’t usually happen at this late stage of it, but never mind

    Mum is okay at the moment Thanks

    parents are seeing some kind of India - related movie at cinema tomorrow Im unsure of the details though

    I hope they’re out for a while as I just need a bit of solitude in the house really though it may be like wishing for those flying pigs all over again lol

    yes good about healthy vegan options

    Group was okay thanks though 1st M was a bit depressed because she’s going through a divorce but that’s understandable of course

    RR was okay, but irritating per usual

    J the organiser was ok too, she’s such a nice lady

    I wrote to toady the other day that when LA was here, he got really angry because granny called the elephant trunk lady baby a well behaved adulk

    he reacted by bellowing, “ETLB it’s not an adult she’s only 5 1/2 years old!”

    my mum was just about to start mentioning Leola’s taxi but I stopped her just in time, thank goodness, otherwise a little LA Vesuvius explosion would most definitely have occurred

    Bill is trying to plan a seafood eating holiday to Las Vegas lol, sis isn’t keen I don’t blame her really, now he’s invited dad 😂

    It must be irritating, washing out all the sleeping bags

    i’ll go for now, bit tired really have a nice evening evening Toni and take care xx

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    No worries toady

    glad you’ve got a phone now

    accent - fakers wife is an Indian person born in India, she only moved here when she married him, so I think she was the only person “buying it”, as it were, but that was a few years ago so I’m sure perceive different his fakery by now lol.

    The word fakery reminded me, do you listen to Hozier ?

    just a casual question

    bfn toady tc

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    so goodnight to all those toadys nocturnal owling about or whatever’s taking their fancy at the moment lol

    so now toady has only got four mobile phones again, well it takes all sorts only joking lol

    im feeling rather less than well could be the soya drink plus my sleep is dependent on Vesuvius related matters

    but I’m trying not to have a rant as I know that won’t be appreciated

    so bis spater, a demain, pore deka hobay or what have you

    hopefully my stomach will feel better tomorrow and I’ll have enough sleep, if not toady is in charge of writing tomorrow’s thesis, no excuses please, says the headmistress haha. xx

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    checking the drinks are up to standard!

    Morning Joan gosh yes I will never forget that trip to Telford Primark🙄 It was terrifying. For those who don't know Lucy fainted there and it turned out to be leukaemia. This was 3 weeks after her 16th birthday.

    Neighbour is having his cataract done this morning. Picking him up at 8.30 bless him. Fingers crossed for him. Another friend is staying with his wife until the carers come at 10.30. Have a good day Joan you and Sue ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi how are you doing today? I hope you had a better night's sleep.

    I am like the White Rabbit.

    Your Dad is so funny! Too much chicken indeed!!! His own choice how much he ate.

    Gosh yes how many times do they ahve to try to find a vein?! I've had up to 4 people having a go in teh past. Honestly what is he like and imagine causing you to not sleep properly anxious to be up in time🙄

    At least his annual heart check has been done for another 12 months and results will come through in due course.

    and you got to the group. I do feel for 1st M that is tough I have been there anyone would feel very down while that's going on bless her.

    Lovely your parents are going to see a film at the pictures. That should give you at least two hours to your very own self that will be bliss😊 I'm pleased to hear your Mum is well ATM.

    Oh dear me LA is quite right ETLB is only 5 and a 1/2 years old not an adulk. Certainly not superior to him at any rate!!!

    Thank goodness your mum did not mention Leolia's taxi or we would have had a small but very powerful (he is Babu's Grandson after all) Vesuvius 💥 I bet I would have heard it from here!

    A seafood holiday? If they took your Dad you and your Mum would have a holiday here!!!

    Love the lace/crochet pics you posted Reshmi they are so pretty.☺️

    Have a good day ((()))

    Morning Toady. Your Fellow amphibian gardener managed a whole hour weeding yesterday in the sun! The wind left my hair looking interesting, but who cares.

    Carry on with your boxes that's my advice as long as they are labelled well you will be able to find them even in the attic.

    I agree the leak/flood has happened it's spring some days are dry and steadily I am making progress. It could have been far, far worse. I shall not fall out with my 'deaf' husband. Just hope the emergency plumber's bill was enough for him to listen next time I express my concerns!

    My Mum would be horrified at the price of stamps. I shall see whether Kari has noticed the latest RM 'offer'!!

    As for the strange nosegay bidders yes maybe they are just after a bargain so they can maybe resell? Never mind about losing yesterday's auction it doesn't matter you have your 'new' phone anyway.

    I won a 'Bill Bryson' handheld for Lucy yesterday like ours. I think it will help her no end she bought a cheap hoover from 'Eminem' but it's total rubbish.

    Yes what a happy ending for Teddy he is a ragdoll just like Aidan and Bill used to have.

    Have a good day.

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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    my stomach was feeling nasty and bloated yesterday evening

    poss combination of soya drink and iron tablet

    its better now thankfully

    though will still have to be quite careful with food today I think

    wppl bfn xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    im not too bad thanks

    a bit tired but quiet day which is good 👍

    mums ok too thanks 🙏

    bye and tc the both of you xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    glad you liked rabbit pic lol

    i had a supervisor- type person who said, “slow and steady gets things right” I agree with that

    in another job however a boss who knew no German ( job was heavily G - language based) said “the new guy is getting thing’s done really fast, you’re not”, thing was new guy was young eager less qualified and making mistakes, but I wasn’t going to point that out, lol.

    mums ok today thanks 👍

    ty about dad yes hopefully results will be fine

    love windy hair pic lol

    tbh I’m a bit frazzled atm was just doing some laundry

    mum and dad went to cinema but they’ll be back soon

    my stomach is ok atm thanks but being slightly careful, I had r Brek and fish for lunch lol,

    but not in same bowl lol🥣

    bfn Toni you tc xx

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    Hi all 👋 just a quick pitstop, it is horrible jobs for me again today, post, emails, paperwork etc and trying to polyfilla an irritating right-angle bit of plaster over the stairs that is bothering me so I can't ignore. Horrible out there too, blowing quite nastily so I suppose indoor jobs are as good as any.

    Weeding in this, v stoic frog although maybe it was slightly less bad if you had sun too. Yes that would be my hair in the wind but it would almost be worth it to get out there 😊 perhaps my turn will come next couple of days. No seedlings up yet anywhere 😣 oh the waiting. Glad things are drying out bit by bit, yes it is no use pointing the finger at your other half ➡️ because life would ensure it was your turn next. Hope Lucy likes her Bill Bryson 😂 he hasn't had any custom off me you may be unsurprised to hear, I have a cheapo from the brand cygnets turn into when they grow up and we get along nicely, esp since I found good replacement generic bags. That's a cylinder though. I had to think a bit longer about Eminem was being a bit slow 😄, I have not had anything of theirs.. I don't think. Btw the boxes are just the empty 'will come in handy' ones, that's why it's hard to put them away you never know what you might need one of its size for. Like we said I do flatten some but it seems a shame with nice sturdy doublewalled ones. Oh in other garden news Mr and Mrs B have been spotted revisiting their old nest site 😬 I had thought they were going to build further down the garden; they may be just thinking or doing a couple for backup, decoying, etc. Catwatch for me then 😫. Have a good evening I hope all went well for your neighbour today🤞xx

    Hello joan, and sue of course, I'm assuming you had the post not posting properly thing, hopefully all's well will see you soon I'm sure 👋 xx

    Hi bosh, RB and fish eh, that's a new twist 😂 but yes, if not in same bowl, why not - anyway there are odder combinations! Hope still feeling ok. Do you think there's any hope of your Dad going on the seafood trip it would be your dream holiday if so, by proxy, as Toni says, but can't quite see it happening. Bill may be better just going to sea with limited rations it would transform him. You'd think he would take a few of the hints that the littleys remark, about his stomach etc, to heart, but there's no accounting for people. Oh I see, your acquaintance originally had a good 'audience' in his wife who would not tell the shortcomings in his accent, but yes after that, & others would be less easily sold on it. All about fitting in I suppose & maybe worth it to him to feel like an insider. Btw I don't know Hozier well and didn't get the fakery reference, sorry 🤔 I do know Take Me To Church mostly because of the Sergei Polunin video 😮 amazing dancing but also the setting was so enviable (I don't know if it was just a 'set'; if you know what I mean, & it was, don't puncture my illusions I was hoping to run off & live there 😄). Oh and Movement too, was clever. I don't listen to music as much as I did but not on purpose, I will check some more stuff out of his, it's a great voice & something I'd like 👍️. 4 phones, if only that were all haha, well in my defence it's not my fault, if stupid app people would stop making things be unsupported then 2 would be plenty. Ok 3, tops 😉. No owling about for me tonight it's not very nice - I hope your break from MV & DV was good while it lasted 😊. Hwyl fawr (from my welsh schooldays) 👋 xx

    Love to everyone 😘 xx

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    don’t worry I was just teasing you about the number of phones lol

    i agree all these new tech developments that are meant to be making our lives easier are often doing just the opposite

    endless passcodes and passwords, Extremely frustrating, not to mention unimaginative

    I don’t see why we can’t open our phones with a voice controlled rhyme or something like that

    a rhyme that could change daily perhaps or at least every two days lol

    my first passcode alternative rhyme could be something along the lines of,

    ”seem to have fixed my dodgy stomach with R Brek and cod

    this has caused me great satisfaction, but don’t worry. I still don’t see myself as G*d

    another theme now - when phone tech problems become a curse

    best to put your hand in your tired and long - suffering purse

    as the only dependable guarantee is that Steve Blobs def won’t reimburse 😡😡”

    Ok that’s it for this particular post

    bye tc toady xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day with not too much pain (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) that’s terrible that’s so much money for one first class stamp. I feel sorry for you. Has your phone arrived yet (()) have a good day.

    Barbara (()) how are you getting on and Mr B (()) love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How is your knee (()) If you don’t mind me asking what age was Lucy (()) when she started having Epilepsy. Good luck today to your lovely neighbour having his cataract opp (()) have a good day love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Ia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) Did you know if you drink plenty of water a nurse can get the blood easily for testing. Love to your mum (()) have a good day.

  • bosh
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    Hi again toady

    i survived the supper Vesuvius - well just about.

    Welsh, that’s interesting.

    I think the accent - faker was more trying to show off than fit in, but I take your point, that would be the explanation for most people.

    he also once pretended he could cook probably m star level but it transpired he’d just put the kettle on for a p noodle in the kitchen lol

    he’s a person who lies and brags habitually I’m afraid

    i may have said this before but once he invited me, my sis and some other family acquaintances for a kind of dinner party, so basically he opened a bag of crisps and his wife (who actually CAN cook - sorry for caps) made some v nice but tiny starters (well nice for pork - fans, which I generally am not), so time dawdled on at the speed of a S Blobs - related software update and eventually it was one hour away from the witching hour and we were all starving, as we’d been told there’d be an actual meal, then accent - faker v reluctantly asked if he should order pizza ( using the latest app - what an IQ- busting brain he had) so one guest known for her frank talking, said it was too late, we all had to travel back - I said eczema means no dairy ( which was true at that point) and we all decided to go home, I called it the food-less dinner party lol

    i don’t blame you for not walking in the nasty weather

    No worries about H the singer, I don’t always see the music videos, I’ll try and see the vids you mentioned at some point thanks

    i really like his song Almost (Sweet Music) I think that’s the full title anyway, a bit more upbeat than some of his other stuff, good to walk to.

    bye for now toady good night tc xx

    ps possible receptionist pic lol xx

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    Morning Joan my neighbour's eye is all done and he is feeling ok. Just found bright lights a bit tricky. Lucy started with absence epilepsy when she was a baby after she caught chicken pox from Charley. 13 months old she was when she was diagnosed. The first 'proper' seizure was at 12 years old on a flight to Sri Lanka when the Drs were trying her off her medication. Then she was stable no problems at all till she got leukaemia at 16 as you know. She's fine today again now.

    Good advice to Reshmi about drinking plenty - maybe she should tell her Dad if he listens to advice.

    Take care ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi oh dear a rough stomach yesterday😕 that's not nice at all.

    I am pleased that you took advantage of some peace and quiet while your parents went out and ate a nice lunch which suited you. Imagine ready brek and fish in the same bowl! I bet cats would like it!

    Did your Mum and Dad enjoy the film? I hope so.

    I agree with boss number 1 slow and steady is much more sensible. The younger chap will have been found out in time because his mistakes could cause problems. Maybe they are still sorting them out even now!! I only know a little German. Do you still use your language skills?

    It was definitely a windy hair day yesterday although it was sunny a lot of the day. Very bright for my poor neighbour I leant him my sun-glasses for the journey home.

    I hope you feel much less frazzled today. Are there any plans for seeing EF this weekend or can you have a restful one instead? I think BIL has some Garfield in him judging by your pic!

    I spotted the ditty you wrote for Toady - loved it!!

    Take care ((()))

    Morning Toady how are you today?

    Never buy an Eminem hoover! I am sure Lucy's Bill Bryson will be fabulous bless her it will feel like it for her at any rate I'm sure I think a Bissel carpet sweeper would feel like top of the range! I can see the issue with naming the adult Cygnet brand...almost impossible!

    It was lovely to be outside in or out of the wind. We have a very windy back garden having that huge area of green belt land, bit as you know I planted two trees last year. So when I am in my 70's maybe?

    No seedlings yet? Maybe soon after the weekend perhaps🤞

    Oh no!

    Mr and Mrs B!!!! How could you? Bird watch it is🙄 bets get some sleep in now.

    Save the boxes - well teh good sturdy ones anyway.

    Take care

  • bosh
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    Morning everyone

    wppl xx

  • dachshund
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    Good Morning Everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day take care have a good weekend love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I did my post in the morning but when I went there later it was still in the box. Have a good day (()) it’s wet and windy at times today here. Have a good weekend

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) I think of you (()) have a good weekend love to your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) Thank you for explaining about Lucy’s Epilepsy Lucy has been through it from a young age and she has done so well now 👏 that’s good your lovely neighbour eye opp went well (()) Have a good weekend love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) How are you and your mum (()) and family have a good weekend

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    edited 24. Mar 2023, 11:32

    Hi all 😊 yes it is me, at this unseemly hour, don't worry, I haven't been hacked 😂

    I think it was that nice breakfast that lured me in frog 😀 I will do elevenses, only fair. It was nice for 5 mins first thing and it seemed like we were 'in' there for a moment, washing out, nice bit of daylight for jobs &c, now its switched on the spot and big clouds 😣. Yes the open aspect is a drawback for you in some ways, I do do wish I'd got on with more tree planting & trellis putting up before this but will have to fall back on buddleia & quick fixes for now. Glad to hear your neighbour got on well apart from the sun glaring just when you don't really want it for once, it sounds like things will be aok for him 👍️ . I had a Bissell Magic Broom til not long ago, I was rather fond of it 😄 it was my upstairs hoover, saved taking one up & down, but it met an untimely end 😔. I should get something similar really, not a manual sweeper though, yes that would really be a backwards step. How is your hedgehog house by the way? You haven't got a skunk have you like the chap in Reading 🦨😮.. have a good day :) xx

    Helo joan, sorry your post got left behind but at least we got it on the right day 😀. Don't worry it's a long time since I paid full price for a stamp, apart from parcels; I buy stamps from ebay things like past christmases and other special issue ones (that you can still use now, unlike 'normal' old stamps) and they usually work out much more like 50/60p. I would never have bought normal stamps off ebay there are so many fakes but that should be harder now 🤔. My phone hasn't been posted yet I knew when I bought it they were away, soon hopefully. Have a nice day hope the wet bits and windy bits are only on & off :) xx

    Hi bosh, how true that apple meme is, and that goes for all sorts doesn't it fashion and trainers & whatnot. Is 🍏 any better than anything else, I have no idea. V true too that it's all set up so that you have to keep letting the moths out of your purse for new stuff 🙄 . I take all teasing (about phones or anything else) in good part 😀 I haven't even got my new one yet, they have been away I hope they might post soon but I won't have it by the weekend either way 😔. I am messing about with an android emulator in the meantime which is a bit of a pain. Taking of emulating (tenuous link there), the faker was mainly a diehard showoff then, well it certainly sounds that way from your description of the bizarre food-less dinner party 😮 you could get a decent book out of the sort of experiences you've had one way & another. Was bill not there with your sis, you'd think he would have just gone & found what he could in the cupboards, or started gnawing at the tablecloth. Well at least you didn't get an upset stomach out of it 😬. Thank you for the hozier track recommendation I will get to it later when I've finished restarting my laptop a dozen times. Have a good day, mind out for skunks as I was saying to Toni, Reading seems to be where it's at for our black & white 'friends' 😬 toodle-pip :) xx

    Love to all 👋 xx

  • toady
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    Just a tiny p.s. for bosh, I know you said you don't necessarily watch music vids but just in case you were going to now bc of the conversation, the hozier TMTC one I meant isn't the official one; that isn't very nice so I would skip that.

    Hope everyone having a good afternoon - it's blue sky here out of one window and grey out of the other so there's a rainbow 🌈

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    yes I remember you telling me about water- drinking and increased blood flow thanks 🙏

    it really helped me when I had to have daily blood tests👍

    Luckily dad just had one blood test, the annual heart - checking one

    mum is ok thanks, she was a bit angry in the morning but she’s feeling better now thanks, I know she has a lot of pain at times, sometimes she gets really bad leg / foot cramps in night, I wonder if it’s related to her diabetes, anyway at least she’s feeling better now

    im tired after Methotrexate but otherwise ok thank you

    i hope you both enjoy the weekend too

    bye Joan tc xx

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni 🌺

    how are you?

    im ok thanks just tired - in post - mxt mode unfortunately

    m and d liked the film thanks, it was a sad one about some orphans badly treated or something like that but my mum really enjoyed going out, bless her and they also had a coffee outside which was v nice for them, nothing too strong tho as Garfield and bill were absent lol

    mums ok thanks but she gets v bad leg cramps etc in night, anyway she’ll contact diabetic nurse if it goes on

    thanks about poem

    I’m going to have to leave it there for now, “I’m running on empty” as they say in some song lyric or other

    will try writing a bit later if poss

    bye for now Toni tc xx

    ps avocado for LLF lol xx

  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,708


  • bosh
    bosh Member Posts: 2,708

    Hi Toni

    how are you today?

    I had a fall yesterday

    nothing to worry about

    i was v tired after mxt, I needed to sit down dad wouldn’t let me, he was being v nasty insulting me etc so I fell forwards, but saved myself with right knee and hands, knee a bit sore but getting better- not bad knee 👍

    bfn Toni tc xx