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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) I hope you have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) have a good day we have the sun at the moment. I saw a rainbow going up in one window and down in the other.

    Barbara (()) how are you and Mr B (()) you have so many problems (()) love to your Son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) I hope everything is alright there (()) have a good day. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I’m sorry you fell it was good you stopped your self (()) it was a good job it was not your bad knee. Sorry your mum has the cramps (()) have a good day.

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    Hi Joan

    how are you and Sue doing today?

    thanks about my fall 👍

    I fell on the wooden floor and it was quite scary

    but it’s already getting better now

    yes good that I stopped myself and didn’t put pressure on bad knee

    mum is ok today thanks 🙏

    I hope you both have a good Saturday

    bye tc xx

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    Hi toady 🐸

    how are you?

    It seems we are the main fort - holders today as either Toni forgot to post or she’s feeling unwell

    I really hope it’s just the former

    I had a fall nothing extremely major luckily but it was scary at the time and dad’s bullying and me not being allowed to rest after mxt both def played their parts 😡

    I had a quick look at the vid you mentioned, correct version, thanks for that, v interesting the way ballet was used with that song unusual but good combination 👍

    btw sorry if I’m repeating myself I seem to be posting in quite a disorganised way atm and these lovely family dramas happening at my end def aren’t helping matters

    bil seems immune to stomach- related comments unfortunately, once one of LA’s older friends did say he that bill was fat as he was 48, something like that anyway, lol, though he did get the age wrong by almost 10 years haha, b just said the boy “ was v rude” (though of course also very honest lol).

    Thanks about the book idea but I just write things down casually for myself these days.

    skunks in Reading oh no, I’ll watch out for them

    the food- less d party host is definitely as you described him

    his mother also loves showing off, so I suppose it’s hereditary double ook alert😱😱

    I’m not too bad today thanks a few extra pains due to fall but nothing major

    shame I can’t walk atm though of course, especially when it seems relatively nice outdoors

    but that’s way things are at times, much better to be safe

    i did a long walk yesterday though in morning

    one which I haven’t really done for a while

    my plan was to do quite a few of these long walks until I eventually felt comfortable enough to walk to Wart - rose, but not on a cake - buying mission unlike bill, well not too many cakes anyway lol 😀

    hope you’re enjoying being in the garden today 🌷

    bfn toady tc xx

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    Hello everyone sorry I'm late in. Had a bit too much on today.

    Joan yes Lucy has had a tough time but she's coped OK and will keep on coping I'm sure. My neighbour is doing very well he needs to as he looks after his lovely wife. How are you and Sue doing? ((())) xxx

    Toady! What time did you call that? I am very impressed👍

    It was lovely briefly wasn't it? I have managed ti get out today a bit I was determined 💪 get me flexing my muscles!!

    Buddlea needs pruning can you do my wisteria while you're outside please?

    I also had an upstairs hoover in my old house bungalows are a bit easier luckily so I manage with the just the Dyson handheld. Bisset sweepers were fabulous 👌 spot on. They really did the job.

    Nothing at all in my hedgehog house this year but l was a bit late to be fair.

    Thanks for doing elevenses can we have jammie fingers tomorrow please😋

    Hi Reshmi how are you today? I hope less MTXy I am not too bad though will be glad to get to bed.

    How lovely for your Mum to have a coffee outside as well as see her film I am so pleased for her she deserves it. You deserve time alone too😉

    No garfield or BIL to cause overdoses of caffeine at least.

    Oh dear me this post dud not send!!!!!

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    I am OK Reshmi thank you so much fir caring and worrying about me I am OK just a bit busy and obviously a bit disorganised today!

    I had an unexpected visitor so I lost my place.

    Profuse apologies and so sorry to worry you


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    Hi Toni

    that’s ok.

    sorry things got so busy for you

    I had a fall but I’m ok

    bfn tc xx

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    Hello everyone 👋

    Well that was definitely a strange fluke being early yesterday, I am appallingly behind with everything today on top of which I have caused myself some stupid & unnecessary laptop problems, so excuse me if I'm in the corner muttering and stabbing viciously and ctrl alt del and whatever 🙄. Sorry you have had a non tranquil day of it too frog, in fact we all seem to be at it, bosh too, poor us 😔. Having disposed of your visitor - perhaps dispensed with would be a slightly less violent sounding way to put it 😄 I hope things have calmed down and yes I think we'll all be glad to get to bed, given your out of sync post I assume you meant tonight not now that minute (though that doesn't sound the worst idea tbh!) Trim your wisteria back, well ok, if you trust me ✂️😉 budlleia I'm fine with, no great finesse required and you get all those handy twiggy bits 👍️. Anyway glad you got out a bit today, I only did to hang washing out, the rest has gone on stupid tech things & some ebay stuff.. hey ho, Sunday should be better. Therefore it will rain 🙄 best to everybody and jammie fingers it is, I will see to it 😊 xx

    Hello joan, it has definitely been sunnier and I excused it being windy too as I got a whole line of washing dry 😊 not so nice tomorrow they say. Feels like Sunday today so I will be all out when it is 😬. Must remember the clocks. Have a good day yourselves ) xx

    Hi bosh, I am so sorry you had a nasty fall 😥 hard floor too, ow!! Such a horrible feeling not being quite sure what bits of yourself to try and 'save' so I'm so glad you didn't land on the ooky knee and that you think the effects will just pass off fairly well luckily🤞. Sorry as well though that DV was an element in your troubles 😠 no need for that. I meant to be in earlier today and I would have seen your post sooner, to ask if you're ok, events overtook me 😕 anyway plenty of tea if needed, as I keep shoring myself up in between fighting with my laptop 🙄 not been a good week for tech. Glad you caught up with the right music video and when I've got myself sorted I'll do a bit more music browsing myself, was quite enjoying it yesterday serves me right for messing with things. Well done having along walk and I remember your Wart-rose plan, the plan to work up to it, hope you can get back into the walks as soon as you feel like it. No walks for bill then if he is oblivious to critical remarks or rather probably chooses to just pass them off as people being rude. Maybe it will just strike him one day. Food-less party host's mother is as bad then 😱 oh dear, yes I think you have mentioned her maybe (unless I'm mixing her up with some other equally ooky dramatis personae). Hope you have a better evening than the start to your day plus the mxt blues 🎶 😣 don't see that being a chart-topper somehow.. See you next time if I haven't wrecked my comp altogether 👋 xx

    Love & tea to one & all ☕️😘 xx

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    Hi toady

    thanks about the fall

    sorry about your laptop etc problems

    mxt blues yes maybe a one hit wonder I can only see three people buying it on sorcereress’ runes, Toni you and I lol 😂

    my knees getting better thanks, still have a nasty red mark on it but def less red than yesterday 👍

    as I think I told LLF once, when the weather turns good for walking, that’s when the probs seem to start, whether they be extra fatigue due to less sleep, bouts of hay fever, falling etc, and most high energy and “suitable” days for me seem to be when I go out walking in the freezing fog and rain, or so it seems

    my mum says it looks like I’ve got blood just below the skin of my knee which is giving it the bright pink appearance but it’s definitely better than yesterday in general terms, i always put my hands out to protect myself when falling, it’s a good job I did that this time otherwise my face would’ve smashed into the wood and then my acting career would have been over lol, I was planning on becoming the next dr who - half auntie, half phlebotomist’s practice sponge lol, endless psychic paper, so no one needs to bother with nosegay ever again and no need for any phones we have our own Time And Relative Pretensions In Lace - that’s what the acronym stands for is it not? 😂

    ok I seem to have gone on another intergalactic flight of fancy again, lol, thanks for bearing with that.

    The fall was a bad end to the day yesterday though really, I was crying from the shock, even though it could’ve been a lot worse.

    thanks for the tea, bye toady have a good night tc xx

    ps second pic refers to pretensions in lace, though maybe more crochet than lace I guess, I’m no expert, but you get the general idea 😀 xx

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    Morning Everyone

    Joan how are you and Sue? Any date yet for your scan of your leg? Hoping for a nice day today Paul is taking me for a drive and to visit some friends ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi oh no not a fall😕 are you OK? It's so scary when that happens isn't it? The shock. I see it was on a wooden floor. Nasty. You'd better take it easy for a bit. Not what you want to hear but you probably don't have much choice. ((()))

    I suspect the bruise is deep inside.

    How is your Mum is she well?

    Are there any plans to see EF this weekend? I think I hope not I suspect a certain LA might want to practice his first aid on you. Although I could imagine BR looking after you.

    I have to go out today to some friends fir lunch. Never mind eh. I'd rather be at home but it will be worth the effort when we get there I'm sure.

    Feet up Netflix on for you. Take care.

    Morning Toady

    Computers😡 they are so infuriating. I hope yours is OK now and your fingers survived the keypad bashing you were giving them!!!

    All well here apart from Paul committing us to visiting some friends fir lunch today. I can expect a plate of vegetables 🙄🤣🙄

    I will be glad to get back home.

    My washing was horizontal yesterday on the line it was so very windy but it dud dry so thanks for reminding me that something good did happen!👍

    All wildlife OK your end? Haven't borrowed bros camera yet to photograph the black buns but will do so soon I promise.

    Well take care Everyone

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) have a good day. Love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) good you got your washing dry. The weather today for us rain will stop soon the rest of the day will be dry with showers. I hope you have a good day.

    Barbara (()) love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) have a good time with your friends (()) I have have not heard about my scan yet. That was good you got washing dry outside yesterday. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how is your hand and knee today (()) take care. Love to your mum (())

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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    I know people have had much worse falls than me including yourself of course 🤗

    But the frustrating thing is i told me dad how exhausted I was and that I just needed to sit down, but he wouldn’t let me due to some stupid v v minor iPad prob that I had to sort out for him “right now”

    the thing is he has no real sense of remorse either, anyway I know dwelling on this would not be helpful for me I just thought I’d mention it

    feeling quite stiff today but wasn’t that stiff yesterday anyway I suppose it could be sleep position to a certain extent

    no EF this weekend

    I hope you have a nice lunch with your friends

    mum is ok atm thanks

    its ok i don’t mind resting that much, it’s just not getting out of the house at all and being stuck in this stuffy house which is v frustrating

    bye for now Toni tc xx

    ps funny pic below but prob not best marital advice even if bill ate almost all the choccies lol xx

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    Hi Joan

    how are you both doing today?

    knee is a bit less sore and hand isn’t too sore thanks 👍

    mums ok atm thank you 🙏

    I hope you’re both having a nice Sunday

    bye tc xx

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    👋 toady 🐸

  • bosh
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    Hi Toni

    just wanted to report another of LA’s funny antics

    EF ate at an Indian restaurant yesterday and his mummy said to him, “this food is called fried chopped ladies fingers”, poor LA got in a huge mood and was almost crying, saying, “why did they cut off the ladies fingers mummy? I don’t want to eat them, the lady must be in a lot of pain” 😂

    So he refused to eat them and ate just naan bread and that sweet carrot- based dessert lol

    she could’ve just said okra haha

    ok bfn Toni xx

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    Hello all.. I though I'd have another go at this early visit malarkey, seeing as it's only 1ish, or 2ish, or whatever 😬 at least it was nice to realize this morning that phones adjust themselves automatically, just as I was thinking it was another hour ahead.

    Thinking of poor frog currently sitting in front of a nothing and 2 veg lunch, when there are gardens to be in 😉 well it isn't that nice at all actually, so you may be just as well off indoors. We are having a mini heatwave around or just after Easter, they say, so who knows - mad weather. We seem to have avoided the 'city killer' asteroid, at any rate. I can think of worse ways to go tbh. I am gaining on my laptop thanks to a bit of a breakthrough last thing yesterday, not sure what I did but I'm a bit further on, just a few more million restarts to go & we may be talking 👍️. Bit of a multitask day again today but once I get a bit of ebay done and a letter posted I will be more or less done I think. Mr and Mrs B all fine, they were out together within a minute of each other once I went out, didn't really get a chance to stop for mousewatch but I will do as soon as poss. I was dreaming about a mouse going upstairs with a little glass lantern, I think that came of browsing lampshades yesterday and those glass jamjar effect ones 😂. Hope you had a nice drive at the very least and if you still need to 'fill a corner as they say' I will be heading towards vegan sos & mash in a minute 😄 xx

    Hello joan, yes the weather is all over the place still but getting quite warm after Easter I've just read 🌞 we'll see. The magpies have been about this morning, I don't mind them sharing the food as they will take other birds' eggs sometime so it's better if they are stuffed with birdseed first! Tulips are coming out I must take a pic or two if it stops being too windy. have a nice Sunday afternoon :) xx

    Hi bosh, oh how true is that elec bill pic, how horribly true 😱. Just read the gas meter hope it won't put me into quite that state of despair at least it's off more than it was. Hope the knee is settling and the bruise is 'coming out' or dispersing depends which way it goes. Yes it's awkward for you not looking forward to warmer walking weather, I quite understand how people don't find it suits them, maybe we will have a more temperate Spring & Summer as it all seems to vary so much now it could go that way (probably wet actually 😔). Will go to postbox later if I can get away from the screen 😬. Hope DV has not had any more absolutely crucial must be right now tablet fixes to be done 🙄. Glad your mum seems ok today anyway. Yes we don't want to wave your 15th Doctor screen debut goodbye 😂, we could all do with some 'must-see' tv (as they say), I was listening to a fan-made audiobook yesterday where (I think, it was a little confusing) they had made up a storyline where the Doctor only dreamt/imagined his female regeneration and in fact regenerated back into the 13th again (I suspect there are a fair few 'fans' whose ideal plot that is 🤨 enough said). Of course if we were smart we would have got ourselves converted into Cybermen rather than Time Lords, ok not much a fun process but think of those nice cybernetic spare parts, nothing to worry about apart from a touch of rust 😄. Hope you have a good afternoon 👋 xx

    Love to everyone & happy British Summer Time 🕒️ xx

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    Hi again toady

    cybemen that’s funny lol

    btw the food - less dinner party happened a long time ago, much before my sis met bill, lucky for the tablecloths lol 😂

    for all I know bill may still have been in the States at that time eating 7 lobster dinners at a time and burgers for breakfast most probably lol

    have a good night, I’m not sure what’s happy about BST but glad you’re feeling enthusiastic lol

    bye tc xx

    ps my pharmacist is cooking up some delicious meds lol xx

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    Chilly today isn't it?

    Hi Joan. Hopefully you'll get a date soon for your scan fingers crossed 🤞 yes it's good when you cab dry your washing outside not inside I think. Back to Monday again. Here we go again! Take care love to Sue ((())) xxx

    Morning Reshmi.

    It's good to hear your Mum is OK. Not so that your are stiffer although I am not at all surprised. It sounds like you really went down.

    How annoying just to rush to look st your Dad's ipad problem which couldn't have been that urgent. I'd have been devastated if I had caused you to fall surely he feels bad. Surely 😕

    I did think that resting inside without being able to get fresh air must be pretty frustrating for you. Everything crossed that you are well enough for the group tomorrow. You need to get out.

    New M might carry your drink for you🤣 OK pretty unlikely really I know.

    How sweet of LA refusing to eat his Okra! Imagine him so upset. Perhaps he'll be a surgeon too when he grows up.

    Some great pics today especially the electric bill one😆😆😆

    Take care ((()))

    Morning Toady how are you doing today?

    Ot really was pretty awful yesterday so eating veggies was fine and actually quite nice. Our hosts had tried really hard even vegan gravy bless them so I take that back😳

    Aren't phones great doing the British summertime bit on their own! You had an hour more than you thought!

    I didn't even know I nearly got zapped by an asteroid😮

    A heatwave soon. Good I'll be outside every day😊👍

    Well done either thd laptop debacle you are doing well. I would be super stressed and have phoned my bro by now.

    I am glad all seems well with Mr and Mrs B and am sure Mousie and family will be just fine.

    The sos and mash was lovely ta just what I needed.

    It's Monday already l can't believe it🙄

    Have a good day

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    Good morning everyone

    Kitty (()) love to you and your carers (()) love to Anita (()) and Val (()) and Emily (()) and your Dad (())

    Toady (()) I just saw a fox walk up the garden. Good job pepper was in side. We have a Bissell sturdy sweeper it’s easy to use. Have a nice day Mr and Mrs B are well.

    Barbara (()) thinking of you love to Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your brother (()) and his girlfriend (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) when will Paul get his results (()) have a good day. love to Charley (()) and Annie (()) and the carers (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours

    Reshmi (()) wouldn’t your Dad understand if you said can I sit down and look at your iPad. Love to your mum (()) have a good day.

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    Hi Joan

    how are you both today?

    unfortunately dad can b extremely difficult, he wouldn’t have understood, but next time I’ll just ignore him. Thanks for asking about it though

    im not too bad today thanks 👍

    mum is okay at the moment thanks 🙏

    hope you both have a nice day. Bye and Take care xx

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    Hi everyone xx

    little poem before I write any more proper posts😀

    poem for VC called Ye Olde Chemist

    There was once “old man chemist” who lived in the woods and mixed up nasty potions

    for inflamed skin, he would concoct nettle-based stinging lotions

    and the pills he made tasted so disgustingly bad, like the most foul of reeking month - old fish

    For supper he’d serve blended mxt, crushed toad and mould straight from the Petri dish!

    so please be good girls and boys, otherwise ye olde chemist will make up your prescription with glee,

    and once he’s finished with that, he’ll order you to take the folic and batwing acid capsules to be consumed by your whole family 😱

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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    it’s difficult with dad tbh, I would say you’re partly right, he’s remorseful to a certain extent, I try not think about bit too much to be frank, he’s not like most peoples dads, is how I’d put I suppose, but mum is being v kind of course and she’s feeling ok with blood sugar atm, so that’s really good.

    Ive got a pain near my waist that’s a result of the fall, nothing major, but possibly bending over the “why? - pad” as the software updaters call it or whatever, lol, isn’t helping too much so I’ll try to be concise

    day started off cold here too, but now it’s tropical, but that could be just inside house

    mum said bill told cousin’s wife that he does some gourmet- level cooking, what a bare - faced fib! Oh dear

    ill go for now Toni , hope you like the poem

    bye tc xx

    ps looks like bills running the coffee shop lol

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    Hi toady

    how are you today?

    im not too bad thanks

    bit of pain near waist so trying to limit ipadding a bit today

    ive recently learned that every time sis comes to Reading w bill for clothes - shopping she bribes him with lunch in a posh restaurant! Lol, he’s like a child really, I can imagine sis saying, “yes, you’re a growing boy, I know you need your Japanese egg noodles”. 😂

    bfn toady tc xx

  • bosh
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    hi Toni

    i know I said minimum ipadding but this was so funny

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    Hello people 😊 just a quick hello and a few pics.

    Better weather we're having today n'est-ce pas frog, so yes the nicer day to be at home (if you are), and I know ofc you weren't being ungrateful re your dinner, it's all in good humour, glad it was nice 😊. No sos & mash for me today running really late, a thrown together sandwich out of the last bread before next shop.. suppose I'll have to make an order soon 😣 always something. Can't believe it's Monday either but mostly (gulp) can't believe it's almost April, oh heavens 😱. Have been in the garden (no seedlings 🙄) and there is an interesting mouse plot development, definitely counted 4 today, none of whom were Mousie him/herself 🤔 will have to watch in more depth tomorrow and hope for a sighting. Mr and Mrs B are fine too, little pic of her below, not a very good one I just happened to catch her having a think. Also tulips - the pot near coldframe were just spikes when I last posted - both those and the ones in the bigger grey pot (with the salvia) are new varieties to me and can't wait to see what they do. Others were left in from last years so probably will be mixed success, will post those another time. How is P's honesty? My 'new' phone is here; looks fine, clean as a whistle, will report as I go. I was gazumped overnight on a little item because someone made a best offer on an auction item, wish they had never brought that in 😕. Have a good afternoon, hope not too many obligations this week. xx

    Hello joan, I wonder if the fox is male/female, & how young, it seems to come round fairly often - is there ever more than one? All wildlife busy in the garden today in the sunshine 👍️. My phone arrived, not particularly well packed I must say but survived thankfully and is in lovely condition. Will get it set up tomorrow. Bissell is or was a very good brand I wonder if new things of theirs are as good. Have a good day 😊 xx

    Hi bosh, glad you are having a not bad day 👍️ I'm a bit harassed and in kind of a bad mood, so yes it serves me right about happy BST day, nothing happy about it for me either at the moment 😂. Oh I see about sis and bill, he was just a distant future event on the transatlantic horizon back then, & yes probably doing exactly as you describe. Poor LA and the okra, he really does like everything to be just so doesn't he nothing ambiguous or too fanciful either, he has not sideways-inherited your ability for intergalactic flights of fancy. We better not hold our breaths for a 'magical realism' bestseller, he will still be fine writing for the TLS or the papers though 😀 (reporters not making things up, all to the good, it would be a nice change). My new phone is here today and my laptop is behaving touch wood so less tech woes for me hopefully. That reminds me, I didn't think through my position on cybermen, the hardware would be fine, but think of the software upgrades 😫 I would be forever clicking 'not now' until I stopped functioning altogether 😂. Have a good evening and a good tomorrow I hope :) xx

    Love to all 😘 xx

    A few garden pots and dear Mrs. B 😍

  • bosh
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    Hi toady

    im keeping tablet use to a minimum today due to certain aches

    so I’ll just say nice pics

    and that LA can be fussy about food that’s true

    have a good night toady tc xx