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    No problem Toni. 😁

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    Hi Toni toady SK and C

    how are you all?

    sorry bit of a stressful day

    mums bs was ok as far as I’m aware but her throat is still not ok and she’s resting,

    Toni you are right it’s very difficult to get her rest normally but the fact that she’s voluntarily resting a lot is worrying me

    I wish she hadn’t gone to the society event but dad is good at pressurising people

    i think it’s probably nothing serious

    we all didn’t sleep enough at night because she was coughing up some phlegm with a bit blood in it

    ive been keeping mum company and helping her in small ways

    sorry I’m just a bit tired so it’s not a proper message / post today.

    it’s just hard as usually she’s so vivacious

    Toni I will just say that LA said daddy is difficult because he has a lot of tantrums lol

    I think I’ll probably quickly go to the group tomorrow unless she feels worse

    have a good evening and night everyone tc xx

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    Hi all 👋

    Not a bad day, almost warm at times 😮 hope you did get outdoors frog. I finished leftover adjustments to other side of the arch which was more trouble than the first bit, the legs did not want to oblige, probably still slightly 'bandy' but aren't we all 😄. That honesty is amazing thank you for taking a pic! how lovely that it's out, such a nice colour 😍. At least if yours has taken well it should be just as good in due course 👍️. Haven't done much else apart from a bit more weeding. I am clearing the decks of my sinkside area & garage etc for potting purposes, how is your shed? All tidy? Mabel has plenty of boxes here and as I had a delivery of 80-odd new ones this week she need not fear I will be filching any of hers for packaging! 😄 Sleek please do make me a moodboard I would love her advice! her starting point is something along the lines of the Klopek house in The Burbs so it will be quite a challenge 😂. Oh I just had a complete leaky-paint refund 👍️ I only asked for & expected a discount. They said to dispose of it myself, well I am disposing of it, on the wall 😄 (& again I did say I would use it but these replies are just stock). Interesting you mention Plusnet as it's the firm jamieA mentioned (when he kindly replied to my post) as being one that won't supply any kind of phone service after the switchoff - do you use a landline much, if at all. I expect you have fibre already which is half the battle. Anyway I have a few glimmers of ideas now 😬 but more to look into yet. Have a good evening, hope everyone well, how are your nice neighbours? :) xx

    Hello joan, so sorry to hear about Pepper and Lexi too most likely 😔 good job they have lovely owners. Love to them both and you & Sue 😘 xx

    Hi bosh, oh dear hoped to hear your mum was better, sorry she is not quite herself and you are going to be tired too because of that & a bad night. Really hope she has a better one tonight fingers crossed 😔. Lovely pic of the door into the garden that is my dream sort of place, Toni's too probably, I will be keeping that one. Hope little BR enjoys his holiday 🧳& that it is somewhere nice all mod cons & room service, and no tantrums from 'staff' 😬 oops straight-talking littleys indeed, out of the mouths of babes & all that. See you soon, take care xx

    Hi to keef, Charlestown, Julie & anyone passing 👋 xx

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    I have used bike today and yesterday. That’s it, think I am done with it. Too much pain. ☹️

  • Skinny Keef
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    I got the first post on new page Again 😁

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    Thinking of Barbara and Kitty too of course 😘 xx

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    Hi everyone 😀👋im going to scroll back & catch up on what youve all been upto.

    ive been at A&E last Friday & on steroids with feet up ever since. Ive had swelling in my lower legs & immflamed blood vessels but dont know whats caused it. Rake of blood tests on Thurs 😫its never happened before it scared me 🤦🏼‍♀️

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    @Skinny Keef Your son looks lovely. I used to bake all the time with my son too & now as an adult hes big into cooking & trying new things, maybe yr son will be too. Its good family time & costs hardly anything. Priceless 💕

    @dachshund sorry to hear about yr dogs eyes. Pity you cant get them to wear glasses like us 😀

    @frogmella ive got nothing sprouting in the garden yet. My dad has sowed me sweet pea seeds indoors so i guess thats a start & i want to grow taters defo this yr. we suffer bad with hayfever too we use tablets or daily spray. Im a big fan of Otrivine & Sterimar 👍that blue paint looks identical to my light grey ive just bought to do my hallway & kitchen. Mine looks more light blue than grey. Nice colour though & im still throwing it up there lol.

    hey@bosh im doing ok ty how are you? U had constant bickering in the house like we do daily here?🤣

    @toady you been back out in the garden then i see 😀what are you planning on growing that youve never grown before? My aunt grew taters in just a notmal size tub nothing too deep. Im going to look at grow bags for taters or on Amazon. Im ready to clean the flags again & my pots are all empty ready to be potted up once bedding flowers are available. Just a waiting game atm, tidying up time as i call it.

    Hi to everyone else 👋👋👋😀😀😀

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    Kettle’s on if anyone wants a brew. (That includes coffee Toni 😉).

    Crikey Charlestown, best you take it easy. Feet up and relax feel better soon

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    @Skinny Keef cappucino for me plse 😊im ok, will feel better once had all bloods done.i dont know if its an imflammatory flare up or something else ie meds. Took statins & hydroxy for couple yrs had no probs but uve stopped the hydroxy last week as i felt no benefit at all. Its my back im st Drs tomm im asking for a referral it needs looking at. Is yr pain worse in yr nevk than anywhere else @Skinny Keef is that why u get the headaches? Im awaiting my Rheumotologist on reading my email with photos i sent her to get an appt with her. I need to start taking better care of me. Ive stopped vaping & losing weight already with stopping snacking/eating small portions 😊👍

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    @bosh how is yr mum? I hope shes feeling better. Thst cough does not sound too good. Maybe a trip to the Dr for a checkover 😊💕

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    Morning Joan. I hope the vets bill wasn't too bad and loved your white stick joke. Mabel should be being spayed this morning all being well. She is going to wear Lucy's Tigger's post surgery babygro. I am sorry about you needing to go to the Drs I hope they were able to help you? It's probably the painkillers🙄 Sending you and Sue some ((())) xxx

    Morning Skinny K how are you doing today? The kettle stayed warm so didn't take long to boil. Got my 2nd decaf coffee right next to me.

    It's already Wednesday! Where is this week going i wonder? The family will soon be back again. Do you have any plans about what to cook with Sucré this weekend? More butterfly cakes please. They looked lovely.

    This village is filthy ATM so muddy and wet i can't take my little pink car out nor have I braved my e-bike lately. Foodbank volunteering today that will make me feel better at least.

    Hope you get to play some music today ((()))

    Morning Reshmi how are you this rainy Wednesday?

    Hopefully your Mum just caught a normal cold virus and will feel better soon, but i have to agree it is out of character for her to rest from what you say about her. At least it's not affecting her blood sugar though. I know she will have felt that she had to support your Dad by joining the Community event. Hopefully next time she will say no if she doesn't want to go.

    I hope you get to the group today because it's good for you. You must remember to charge your own batteries too when you are looking after someone else.

    Oh dear me so LA's Daddy has tantrums does he? Something reminds me of Big Babu there🤔 they do say daughters pick men like their Dads.......

    Thanks for the tea ☺️ and take care ((()))

    Morning Charlestown well gosh there you go I wondered where you were! I do hope the bloods help them get to the bottom of whatever is going on for you.

    Well done losing weight that's fabulous not easy though and I am so glad you aren't vaping those things worry me so much.

    I think getting some answers is what you need now and perhaps an up to date scan of that back of yours maybe.

    Sending you some ((())) and a bunch of 💐 to cheer you up.

    Morning Toady I take it you're ok? Since I hear nothing to the contrary and Sleek says you're fine.😸 Gosh it's vile out there wind and rain lashing against the house. Hope the roof holds up. No gardening for me today i think booooh! Yesterday i did get out did a bit probably like you. A bandy arch is fine as long as it's upright - just like us lot! I was thinking the same about my honesty I'll get a pic when I can it looks healthy enough.

    Thanks for asking my lovely neighbours have one of their sons visiting just now so I haven't popped in for a bit, but all seems well.

    Today Sleek will be stressed - it's Mabel's spay-day😕 we will all be anxious until she is home. Kari most of all. Still it's the best thing you can do for an animal it really is. So Sleek is coming on her own (In a cat-si please keep her distracted) with some fabric and cat-azines ready to start your mood board.. The Klopek house! I don't believe a word of it!

    Well done getting a full refund! and the best place to 'dispose' of paint is indeed on walls☺️A win-win!

    I think we do have fibre here yes and only use the landline for the older generation to ring us. Hang on a minute does that include me?🤔 I saw JamieA's reply someone knows their stuff, but you know I rather think you do too.

    Well I'd better get up and dressed now you take care.

    A quick 👋 to Julie and maybe @Woofy if they pop by.

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

  • Skinny Keef
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    Migraine city again. Wppl if I feel better.

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    Good morning everyone

    Toady (()) Thank you for caring about Pepper and Lexi. Did you see the news last night people were rescuing Toads and newts of the roads. We haven’t got our landline any more. Have a good day glad you got a refund from the paint why shouldn’t you use it.

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) thank you for caring about pepper and Lexi. Good luck to Mabel it’s best they have the op love to Kari (()) we have rain has well there should not be a water ban this year. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) how is your mum (()) i hope she’s feeling a bit better (()) have a good day

    Skinny Keef (()) you are a good cook. Love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    Charlestown (()) sorry about your legs I know it’s worrying (()) yes Pepper would look good in glasses

    take care
    joan xx
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    Hi Toni

    how are you?

    mum isn’t too bad 👍

    just on my rainy way to group

    bye for now tc xx

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    Hi all 👋 hope everyone having a good day so far.

    Bit rainy & miserable out there but not as bad as you have it by the sounds of it frog. At least they have taken away the heavy rain forecast over the next couple of days but will probably sneak it back in again. Have only been out with the bird food so far (so few birdies though!) Sleek arrived swiftly the rain was tailing off as she got here so no damp cats 👍️ we are looking at her cat-azines together she has chosen some lovely fabric swatches (a few bold choices 😮😄), we are thinking about little Mabel but keeping cheerful🤞(do hope she's ok, Kari too x). I am still looking into the phone situation, reluctantly; I do rather agree with you that that head-space could be used for something I want to do, I can only read or research so much at once anyway before it stops going in 😕. Looks like you will need a landline alternative too at some point.. & if you want to keep your current number you have to be a bit careful I think. I want to go back to when phone numbers were just a few digits. Glad your neighbours have got family visiting 😊. All frog family well at the moment too I hope, Lucy & kitties, etc. How is your eye coming along? Hope foodbank went well, yes it can't be Weds already, that means milk again, then bins, & other such exciting matters 🙄. Love to all 👋 :) xx

    Hello joan, lovely that the people turn out to help the toads & newts 😊 there are various roads they close completely I think for a few weeks. Too many cars on the road of course, ridiculously more than there used to be, it can't just go on & on increasing 🙄. I can't imagine not having a landline I certainly couldn't get used to using a mobile for calls. So fiddly! Thank you about the paint it has never come back in stock yet so I would still be waiting. Have a good afternoon, both, bit dismal here but could be worse. xx

    I love you in your rain boots bosh 😍 hope you were not up to the tops of them in rainwater or puddles and that group was ok. And of course that your mum feels better I guess she was well enough for you to feel you could go out so that's good. Will see you later I expect 👋 :) xx

    Hope your migraine not too bad by now SK🤞and that you'll think again about the bike especially in the better weather etc. Hope family all well xx

    Hi @Charlestown sorry you've been having such a nasty time of it, I do hope they can sort you out & you can see the consultant without too much waiting. Definitely scary I would be panicking a bit glad you feel well enough to let us know what's going on & chat about things too. I have not decided about my new thing to grow, I have bought some different varieties of hollyhock &c but that's not really new, I am browsing for something nice to choose 👍️. Nice that your Dad has started you off some sweet peas I must get on with mine! Like you say there is stuff to do sorting pots etc. I always have some with stuff in that I'm not sure is dead and have lost their label so I don't know what was in there 🙄😄. Take care good luck with everything🤞x

    Love to all 😘 xx

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    Head has eased a bit.

    just chilln out waiting for my 2 to come home. I normally go out to the carpark to meet them but not today.

    finally stopped raining.

    my dogs used to miss each other if one was away Toni. One chihuahua and one chihuahua cross papillon. One of my besties has just got a black lab puppy and we met it Friday. Sucré is saying he wants a dog now, but I am used to not having one now. I can’t go back to having to take it out especially winter time. No fun at all. That’s why I wanted a cat.

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    Nice photo Reshmi. Looks like one of the trails in Portugal I used to rip along on my motorcycle.

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    Hi Toni toady SK Joan and C

    how are you all this evening?

    mum is in better spirits and also improving 🙏

    I went to group and wore such a warm fake fur hood people thought I was hard of hearing when I forgot to take it off oh dear, group was ok thanks

    I’ll stop for now as I need to look for my glasses 👓

    my goodness we are getting ancient Toni aren’t we? I’ll probably find them on my head lol

    bye for now everyone tc xx

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    Hi again Toni toady and everyone

    I found my fiendish spectacles 👍

    I bought some nice food for mum from town centre, not too unhealthy of course, but she wasn’t really tempted by it but she’s eating properly thankfully

    the only problem is that I’m not feeling so well myself now, not as bad as mum of course but kind of shattered and “yucky” as LA might say.

    I saw nice M she didn’t go on the Internet date in the end with “dodgy - seeming” guy so I think that shows really good judgment 👍

    miserable day though wasn’t it Toni?

    didn’t stop raining the whole time I was outside

    house was too hot to nap in again, but that’s understandable, poor mum

    BR is cooking a pizza in his toy kitchen because daddy eats too much Kangaroo takeaway, bless him

    yes Bill and BB are having endless tantrums despite not being littleys - very naughty behaviour indeed.

    👋 toady

    Sleek chose fabric swatches, well that’s good to know lol.

    Nice M used to be a nurse and she told me GI Joe the Physio’s anti - banana stance is pure rubbish and that nutrition- wise a banana is in no way the equivalent of a chocolate bar, so there you are, horse’s mouth and all that 🐴- sorry no offence nice M.

    I must admit I ate a blueberry muffin in the group but I was so hungry and of course far better to do that than ending lightheaded like in the past

    👋SK thanks about the pic

    ok I’ll stop for now bye all tc xx

    ps sorry not sure if the pic is repeat or not, it’s something I painted on the bus, only joking of course haha, Matisse or a Matisse - imitator, that’s the only info my tired brain cells are giving me thanks xx

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    Morning Joan how are you? I love my cat and honestly know just how wonderful they are for our metal health animals. They are a lot like our children at times, but they always love us which is wonderful. Mabel is all done and dusted, but keeps escaping her babygro! I have a pic i will try to get uploaded. Hope your day is a good one😊 ((())) xxx

    Morning Skinny K I am so glad the migraine has eased off a bit and the family are home now.

    So Sucré would like a dog would he? Hmmm.... when he's at least 12/14 he can do the care until then I agree a cat is the way forwards. All you need is a good catflap ( a day and night one) or you can get self cleaning cat litters and keep your puss inside. You can also get bowls on sort of stands so easier to feed less bending. Then job's a good-un!

    Lovely a lab pup though I would enjoy just stroking someone else's if i were you😉


    Take it easy if you can ((()))

    Morning Reshmi

    Well done getting to the group in that weather. It wasn't much fun was it?🙄

    I am a little worried that you might be fighting of your Mum's virus....take care drink plenty rest lots. Glad to hear she is doing so well she is a strong woman.

    It was very kind of you to get her some treats while you were out shame her appetite isn't there yet.

    I can go light-headed too if I get over-hungry best to eat a muffin rather than that happen.

    Well done nice M not going on that internet date. Very wise choice. Maybe she is doing better now I do hope so because she is nice. We thought that didn't we about bananas? Glad to have it confirmed by a medical profession. Knickers to you GI Joe! Bring on the 🍌 🍌

    I think maybe Big Babu's Mum and BIL's Mum spoiled their boys so they got their ways when they threw tantrums hence they still display such challenging behaviours now.

    Your sister will not do that with LA and BR. Great cooking BR much safer than BIL's concoctions.

    Loved the kitty in boots pic and the Matisse even if it is a copy.☺️ the grey cat has a brilliant expression on his face!

    Oh and yes definitely getting old - my specs are often on my head while I am busy searching for them!

    Have a good day and take care of yourself ((())) xxx

    Morning Toady It's lashing down out there totally (Toadaly) dreadful😕

    So unfair I actually have time to get outside in the garden today too. Stamps foot angrily

    Precious Sleek visited Mabel last night so Kari could have a shower, but has a catsi booked to come to yours now she's most unimpressed with this weather. When she leaves yours she says she'll go straight to 'help Arnty Kari' before coming home for her tea. Flasks are full.

    Ah yes her colour choices are often bold, she reckons my barely there blue is a bit wishy washy. having said that she is a rather good interior designer. She watches a lot of changing rooms on Mew-tube. Luckily for us she is not a Lawrence Llewelyn- Bowen fan!

    I agree this phone business is really quite worrying I am going to try to ignore it see above - for as long as possible. Woe is us oldies. I can see why they give up trying to keep up.

    Popped in to see my neighbours yesterday, she was upstairs getting off the pressure sore so we had a cuppa up there and a chat. They are such lovely people.

    Thanks for asking all frog family are really well atm. Lucy and kitties so sweet. Any sign of Mr and Mrs B and the mousies? I bet not in this bloomin weather. Grrrrrr! I hope it will stop like you think it might.

    Today is already Thursday what on earth?😯 I cannae cope wit et!

    Have a good day!

    A quick 👋 to Julie, Charlestown and @Woofy if they pop by and anyone else who fancies a cuppa and some chat.

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    Good morning everyone wppl xx

    ps bill is buying flowers lol xx

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    Good morning everyone

    Toady (()) I was paying £20 a month for the landline we never used it. messages were sent to our mobile’s. They are easier to carry around our mobile’s are tuned in to our hearing aids if sue is with the carers and her phone is in the kitchen and it and it rings I can press it and she can speak to the person. Have a good day we have rain for the next few days.

    Barbara (()) love to you and Mr B (()) and your son (()) and Niamh (()) and your niece (()) and her fiancé (())

    Toni (()) How are your pains (()) that’s good Mabel is well (()) yes it is the best thing for them they can have cancer. The vets bill came to £80 it’s worth it for them to have a check up. Is it very muddy there. Love to Paul (()) and Charley (()) and Annie (()) and Lucy (()) and Tia (()) and Kari (()) and your friend (()) and your lovely neighbours (())

    Reshmi (()) I hope you feel a bit better today (()) take care love to your mum (()) i hope she feels better.

    Skinny Keef (()) i hope you have a good day today love to Sucr’e (()) and Loanda (())

    love to Julie (()) and Charlestown (())

    take care
    joan xx
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    7 Things to do in your garden in March. Should keep some of us busy 😀im just having a rest as ive been out all morning & im resting my ankles. Will pop back in shortly for a catch up. Keep that kettle warm 👍😀